The Most Wonderful Christmas Horror Movies for a cozy Holiday Season [List]

Christmas horror movies collage

The best and most wonderful and scary Christmas Horror Movies selected by BigHorrorGuide. 

In this article I have selected the most scary and fun Christmas horror films. Because it’s Christmas it doesn’t mean it can’t also be scary. This article will be updated when a new film is added. So make sure you save this article to Favorites to stay up to date. 

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At the moment this list contains 15 films, in alphabetical order.

Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)

A feel-good Christmas movie has to have song and dance and merriment. And zombies! With Anna and the Apocalypse you are treated to all these glorious Christmas horror presents. Anna is about to finish high school and wants to travel, to the displeasure of her widowed father. But she just wants to get out of town. That gets a lot harder when the town is turned into zombies. With a few survivors Anna wants to find her father and it also sets her priories straight. All of this, of course, is done while singing and dancing, killing off zombies with a lot of glee and merriment. With great songs this zombie comedy horror musical is the new Christmas pageant that should be on your Christmas watch list every year. 

The Children (2008)

The Children 2017

When you are a teenager like Casey you don’t want to go visit your mother’s family anymore with Christmas. You want to go to your own Christmas party. Sure there’s some tension, but there’s also some fun in the snow. Despite of all the children getting mysteriously ill. But when they all seem to get better, there’s something terribly wrong with them. And Christmas dinner becomes a sinister ordeal, while the fun in the snow turns into a bloodbath with a gruesome death. This Christmas has all the ingredients to turn into a disaster. A rebellious teenager who fancies her uncle, all the usual tension between family and siblings and on top of that children who go on a murder spree killing their parents. It makes up for the perfect horror Christmas gathering. Review.

A Christmas Carol (2009)

This animated version of Charles Dickens’ magical classic Christmas ghost story is a fun adventure for the whole family that follows Scrooge on his journey through his past, future and present. This is a wonderful imagination of this tale with an important Christmas message that brings a cheerful and merry Christmas for everyone in the end. Although there are a lot of different films about this classic tale, this one brings humor, an exciting adventure, some sentiment and some scary scenes that works especially well for children. This is a perfect introduction to Dickens and the three ghosts who teach Scrooge a well deserved and scary lesson. 

A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

A Christmas Horror Story 201

This anthology horror offers four Christmas stories that bring to life that good old Christmas horror spirit. You better watch out when you go ghost hunting. Or if you want to cut your own Christmas tree in the woods. Be especially careful not to provoke Krampus and the old Christmas lore and beware for old radio DJ’s who are drinking on the job. And never trust a Christmas Elf. All these tales are somehow connected to Christmas, some more than others and some are better than others. But the wraparound of this anthology is the grand finale and the big shocker twist that alone makes this film worth a watch. With William Shatner as the big star who tells us about Santa saving Christmas from Krampus and infected zombie Elves. Or does he?

Dead End (2003)

Christmas is all about family. Celebrating that peaceful time of year with each other is a great joy. Eating together, handing out presents. But the journey to the in-laws is a whole other story. Frank and Laura are driving to her family on Christmas Eve with their children Richard and Marion and her boyfriend Brad. While there’s already a bit of tension in the small car, Frank decides to take a shortcut. But we all know that a shortcut is a short route to terror and dread. And that is exactly what they encounter on this surreal nightmarish trip that gets worse and worse. With dark and whimsical humor, surreal imagery and creepy events this simple but clever plot has a lot of creepiness to offer. Review.

Dead of Night (1945)

In this anthology a couple a people tell ach other five different ghostly and inexplicable tales that really happened. One of those tales is about a Christmas party. When all the children go play hide and seek, one of the girls hides in a special room upstairs and has an encounter with a ghost. But she only finds out after she tells about her encounter. Although it is only a small part of the film, it does have that grand Christmas vibe with an enormous Christmas tree and a lot of merriment. And telling ghost stories is an important part of Christmas traditions and should be done more often. Cold weather, snow, a warm fireplace and everybody gathered round for spooky stories, gives Christmas that special twinkling vibe. Review.

Ghostbusters 2 (1986)

Ghostbuster 2 1986

Although the story takes place during Christmas and the world is about to end at New Year, this film doesn’t necessarily scream Christmas. But it’s a wonderful story about evil spirits, a lot of ghosts, the fantastic Ghostbusters and an evil masterplan that is highly enjoyable for the whole family. It’s spooky fun and there are a lot of slimy scenes that are good for some laughs. Much more innocent than it’s prequel, this film is even more about defeating evil together. Especially when they need a big symbol of harmony to withstand the evil powers and to gather the people of New York. When they all burst out in song and sing Auld Lange Syne while the Statue of Liberty defeats the evil goo, then you are assured to ring in the new year with great hope and joy. 

Gremlins (1984)

Gremlins 1984

Be careful what gifts you hand out for Christmas. If you thought a puppy or kitten was a bit too much of a responsibility, then a Mogwai needs a lot more care. When Billy gets Gizmo for Christmas there are three important rules. Of course they are broken and little furry balls emerge from Gizmo and hatch as the evil prankster Gremlins. They cause a lot of havoc during Christmas time while caroling door to door, teasing the dog, killing people and even want to execute a sinister plan. This is a perfect Christmas holiday with snow, caroling, Christmas lights and all the merriness and mayhem that comes with it. With a lot of dark humor, some horror and a lot of chaos this Christmas is over the top practical fun for the whole family. 

Krampus (2015)

Krampus 2015

There comes a time that kids a growing too old to believe in Santa or are told he’s not real. This is exactly the case with Max. While he also has to deal with his family that comes to stay for Christmas and who make fun of him all the time. The only one who is nice to him is his Omi. And she warns him to believe in Santa. But Max doesn’t sent his letter and the next day they are snowed in and Krampus comes to torment them. A snowstorm, evil elves, evil Gingerbread Men and evil toys all are out to get the family. Max seems to be the only one who can save his family and save Christmas. With freezing cold, a warm burning fire, a not so cosy and happy family and evil creatures who are out to get them, it’s the perfect lesson for them to appreciate each other, to be nice and honor the Christmas Spirit. 

The Lodge (2019)

Spending time with family during Christmas isn’t as joyful for everyone. Especially when Grace has to spend it with the kids of her new fiancé in a remote cabin, with nothing but snow and ice planes surrounding them, while he leaves them alone for a couple of days. It all looks like a fairytale Christmas picture but the children aren’t happy at all with Grace. Especially after their mother committed suicide and they blame Grace. But Grace has some childhood issues of her own, after grown up with a religious cult leader of a father. When strange things start to happen, it’s going to be a very sinister and horrific Christmas. Review.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

When Jack Skellington the Pumpkin King of Halloween Town discovers that there are more magical worlds amongst which Christmas Town he is overjoyed with all the colors and merriments and happiness that he wants to take over Christmas. He learns everything about it, orders to kidnap Santa and arranges the presents. With amazing songs and wonderful animation this endeavor is bound to turn into a huge disaster. Luckily Sally sets Jack straight and they are able to save Christmas after all and enjoy it too. This perfect mix of scary horror and cheerful songs makes an excellent movie for the whole family that can either be enjoyed during Halloween and or Christmas. 

Night of the Comet (1984)

While not a Christmas tale, it takes place during Christmas. When the Earth passes through a tail of a comet, it has some very gruesome consequences. Everyone outside watching is either turned into red dust or turned into a zombie. For different reasons sisters Reggie and Sam are the only ones left. And what do you do after fighting off some zombies? Go to the mall and do some shopping. But when they meet another survivor Hector, they also find out that a military base was also protected and maybe they can help. Or can they? There’s more to the story and that turns Reggie, Sam and Hector in heroes. With Christmas at the background and set in California, it certainly doesn’t scream Christmas. But still it takes place before Christmas and in the end they are able to celebrate Christmas in a post-apocalyptic world with a new self-made family. 

Rare Exports (2010)

Rare Exports 2011

Santa isn’t that jolly old fat man who we all think he is. In Finland Peitari finds out the real old lore about the real Santa when something strange is dug up during an excavation. And suddenly Santa’s little helpers kidnap all the children and everything that generates heat. And Santa’s little helpers aren’t little but naked old men roaming the small town. This Finish fun adventure is a very original Christmas Tale that is fun and exciting and with a bit of horror and great characters. Little Pietari is an endearing hero who saves his town and Christmas and learns a lot about the real Santa who doesn’t have a big belly but two big horns. 

Starfish (2018)


After Aubrey’s best friend Grace dies she goes to her apartment to grief. It’s Christmas and the decorated Christmas tree in the room of the dead Grace makes it extra sad and tragic. But things are about to get weird when Aubrey wakes up in a snow covered town and everybody seems to have disappeared while strange cosmic creatures roam the streets. But Grace seemed to have anticipated this and left Aubrey several mixed tapes to solve this apocalypse. Giving her the perfect Christmas present of forgiveness, love and even a chance for Aubrey to find and built a new life. It’s a very lonely take on Christmas, where Christmas doesn’t play a role per se, but on the background offers more symbolism. Review.

The Wolf of Snow Hollow (2020)

John Marshall is a police officer who has a lot on his mind. He is a recovering alcoholic, has some anger issues, is a bit neurotic, has to deal with his ex wife, his 17 year-old daughter is coming to stay with him and his father with a severe heart condition doesn’t want to retire from being the sheriff. And then a serial killer pops up who kills women brutally and makes it look like he’s a werewolf. Well, merry Christmas John. While the kills are piling up and his personal problems are getting worse by the day, John is losing it. This results in a very hilarious dark comedy that offers some quirky humor and characters. Review.