Who is the Killer in Slasher Season 2: Guilty Party

The killer in Slasher season 2 Guilty Party

5 Years ago a murder took place in Camp Motega. Now those murderers return to the murder site to cover it up again, only to face another killer who’s out for revenge. Who is this killer clad in a hooded parka with a ski mask?

The Setting

5 Years ago Noah, Peter, Andi, Susan and Dawn were camp counselors at Camp Motega. A new girl Talvinder joined their group, only to manipulate them and drive them apart. When the five decided that enough was enough they put her on trial, accidentally killing her, but hiding her body. Now Camp Motega is shut down and the site where Talvinder is buried in a small cave is going to be a golf course. So they return to move to body. Gene who owns the Outfitters store at the edge of town takes them to the lodge. 

But now Renée whose family owns the site has taken up residence with her life partner Antoine to create a peaceful community called ‘We Live as One’ outside the real world. Living with them are Judith, Keira, Mark, Wren and Glenn. 

Once the five are welcomed, a new killer arises who wants to take revenge on Talvinder’s murder.

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The Characters

The murder group consists of Noah, Peter, Andi, Susan and Dawn who were friends five years ago. Due to the murder they committed they have grown apart but now they have to go back reluctantly. Noah seems the most innocent of them all, but in fact isn’t. Peter and Andi used to date and Dawn is a privileged girl who is a sort of leader. Peter is the most conscientious of them all, while Susan does have scruples only when it suits her. But they all have more sins they have to pay for than just the murder of Talvinder. 

Talvinder was an extremely insecure girl who wanted to be liked and accomplished this in a very manipulative way. She slept with Peter, she used Noah who had a crush on her which she knew. She wanted to seduce Susan, who saw through her. And she was so nice to Dawn that Dawn wanted to get an apartment together and to secure her place she told Ryan, the boy Dawn liked that Dawn didn’t want a relationship and told Dawn that Ryan only wanted a skinny girl. 

The commune members also have their own reasons to live a secured life. Renée wants to create a peaceful environment. Antoine is fed up with being assaulted as a gay man and to stand up for himself which resulted in him kicking the life out of his attacker. Mark has survived a shooting and saw his college being shot to death, while he nearly survived. Keira was a nurse but accidentally gave a patient a wrong dose that killed him. Judith had a nervous breakdown after a bad break-up. And Glenn isn’t who he says he is. He was a convict but switched places with somebody else to lay low with the commune. Wren is a mystery and we don’t know much about him, aside from his relationship with Judith. 

Let the killings begin

  • Death no. 1: Gene is sawn in half with a chainsaw outside the sauna. Because he wanted to stay the weekend to keep an eye on the outsiders. His entrails used as embellishment for a snowman.
  • Death no. 2: Andi is stabbed in the neck and placed as a snow angel to bleed out. 
  • Death no. 3: Susan is stabbed in the eyes, because she looked away when the others killed Talvinder. 
  • Death no. 4: Antoine is brutally drilled to death with an auger drill, turning him into soup, because he saw something he wasn’t supposed to see.
  • Death no. 5: Megan a hiker who shows up at their doorstep is poisoned because she knew a shortcut out of the woods to bring them to safety. 
  • Death no. 6: Glenn is tortured to death by Renée because she thinks he killed Antoine and because he tortured and raped Noah. 
  • Death no. 7: Noah is set on fire but is still alive but heavily burned and dies some time later, after having suffered a lot.
  • Death no. 8: Renée finds out something but is shot to death before she can tell anyone.
  • Death no. 9: Mark is also shot to death.
  • Death no. 10: Janice, Gene’s girlfriend comes looking for him and when she takes her snow mobile to get help with Dawn, she is shot to death.
  • Death no.11: Dawn is also shot.
  • Death no.12: Peter hangs himself after he has to make the choice between his life and Keira’s. He has remorse and thinks it’s a fitting death.

The Suspects

So, everybody is dead. There are not much suspects left. But there are some mysteries that have to be explained. First of all Glenn isn’t who he says he is. His actual name is Benny Ironside and Glenn was an inmate in prison whom he befriended. When the real Glenn got out, he told him about his plans and his Winnebago. When Benny got out he sought him out and wanted to join him and go to the retreat. But when Glenn refused and told him he never really liked him but pretended to stay alive in jail, Benny gets angry and kills him. Taking his identity he goes to the retreat himself. Where he becomes fond of Noah and kidnaps and rapes him, after Noah finds out who he really is and wanted to expose him. Glenn is a killer, but does it make him The Killer?

That same question goes for the five friends. While Peter and Andi want to confess, the others don’t. Do they why want to save their own hides and kills their friends over it?

But the big question is, is this really all about Talvinder, or is there more going on below the surface? 

The Killer unmasked

It is in fact about Talvinder, but there’s indeed more to it. When they had put Talvinder on trial and wanted her to spent the night alone in the woods, she accused them of being not so innocent themselves. She knew their secrets. Noah got so angry, he almost raped her and she fled into the woods. She fell, hit her head and they all thought she was dead. But she was still alive. They had to make a choice, go get help or kill her. Susan walked away, while Peter wanted to help Talvinder. Andi picked up a big rock and smashed her head in. Dawn took the rock following her example and Noah gave the final blow. 

The next day, they told a story that they saw her that morning when she went out jogging into the woods. But they had to come up with a better believable story. There was another guy, a strange guy called Owen who stalked Talvinder and Dawn planted some evidence, Talvinder’s necklace, in his room for the police to find. He went to jail and hung himself. So they have two deaths on their conscience.

The attentive viewer must have known something was off with Wren. He only spoke with Judith and when he spoke in the group nobody paid attention to him or directly responded to what he said. And there’s an astounding reason for this. He’s not really there. He’s not real. He only exists in Judith’s mind. 

But there’s more. His real name isn’t Wren either, but Owen, the guy whom they framed. So Owen is dead and Wren isn’t real but what is his connection to Judith. Although it seems that they are lovers, he is in fact her son. So that’s pretty messed up.

It gets even more messed up when Judith thinks Wren/Owen is real but is also a part of her. She thinks she’s Wren. Wren is the persona that kills. He is the real killer. With him at the controls, Judith is the executive killer. 

She wanted revenge and wanted to kill all of them. She didn’t really wanted to kill the members of the commune, but had to when they stood in her way. Like Gene who wanted to stay and had a snow mobile. She cut the phone wires, disabled the snow mobiles and a blizzard did the rest. Antoine saw her taking to Wren or better said, to no-one. So he had to go too. Renée found an old file about Owen and connected the dots. So she had to go as well. She also had to make sure that Dawn didn’t got away so she shot her and Janice. Only Keira was spared because Judith really liked her and Keira was an innocent. 

The end

But Keira wasn’t the only survivor. Hunters found a nearly alive Dawn. After the whole ordeal and back in the real world, Dawn decides to go to the police to confess everything, with Keira supporting her. While Peter has written a note to Talvinder’s parents before he was killed to confess all they did. Across the street Judith is watching, with Wren by her side, waiting for the next opportunity to kill Dawn…

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