Who is the Killer in Scream Queens Season 1

The Red Devil Killer in Scream Queens season 1

The hilarious campy fun first season of Scream Queens has an evenly absurd and fun killer. But who is The Red Devil?

The Setting

Sorority Kappa Kappa Tau at Wallace University: For skinny rich white girls and where Chanel Oberlin rules them all. Till Dean Cathy Munsch decides that everybody can join. But this change isn’t enough because a masked killer The Red Devil dressed like the university’s mascot, is killing pledges and everybody who is involved with KKT. 

But 20 years ago, in 1995 a girl gave birth in the bathtub during a big party and died, while her friends did nothing. Does this have something to do with the killings?

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The Characters

Main characters: Chanel Oberlin and her minions Chanel No.2. Chanel No.3 and Chanel No.5. New pledges, the ambitious Zayday Williams and the curious Grace Gardner whose mother was a KKT. Pete a school journalist and love interest of Grace. 

The other pledges: Sam (predatory lez), Jennifer ( candle vlogger), deaf Taylor Swift and Hester (neckbrace) Ulrich.

The Dickie Dollar Scholars: Chad Radwell (on and off boyfriend of Chanel), Boone Clemens (Chad’s best friend and gay), Caulfield, Earl Grey and the twins Roger and Dodger (both dating Chanel No.5).

The adults: Dean Cathy Munsch, Weston Gardner (Grace’s father), Ms. Bean (housekeeper of KKT), Gigi Caldwell (president of national chapter of KKT and nineties freak) and Denise Hemphill (security guard).

Let the killings begin

  • Death no.1: As a joke to scare off the new pledges Chanel wants to fake burn off the face of Ms Bean, but surprise, the frier was on. She’s dead.
  • Death no. 2: Chanel No.2 gets it in a deadly texting game.
  • Death no.3: Deaf Taylor Swift gets decapitated by a land mower while buried to the neck into the ground. 
  • Death no.4: Shondell a colleague security guard gets her throat slashed in the car while surveilling.
  • Death no.5: Boone commits suicide, by slashing his throat. 
  • Death no.6: New mascot Coney is sawn in half.
  • Death no.7: Mandy Greenwell, one of the girls present in the bathroom in 1995 gets stabbed to death.
  • Death no.8: Dodger gets stabbed to death in the maze during Halloween.
  • Death no.9: Caulfield whose arms were already sawn off gets hacked with an axe.
  • Death no.10: Sam is suffocated with a plastic bag over her head.
  • Death no.11: Roger is killed with a nail-gun.
  • Death no.12: Dean Munsch’s ex is decapitated and his head is thrown in the fish tank. 
  • Death no.13: Jennifer gets stabbed in the head wearing a candle on her head.
  • Death no.14: Earl Grey gets stabbed to death.
  • Death no.15: A truck driver who wants to warn Chanel No.5 (There’s somebody at the back seat) gets himself killed.
  • Death no.16: Boone again (wait what?)
  • Death no.17: Gigi’s head is served with Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Death no.18: Pete gets stabbed.
  • Death no.19: The pizza delivery guy dressed as the Red Devil explodes.
  • Death no.20: The first death actually, the real original Red Devil mascot.

The Suspects

There are a lot of red herrings and everybody points at each other. Pete thinks it was Wes. Wes and Chanel think it was Grace. Chanel, Grace and Wes think it was Dean Munsch. Grace thinks it was Chad or Chanel and Denise thinks it was Zayday. And so on, so everybody is a suspect.

The Killer unmasked

But who is really behind the Red Devil mask? Let’s go back to 1995. The girl who gave birth to a baby in the bathtub was called Sophia Doyle. First Grace thinks she might be the baby, but her mother Mary Mulligan, real name Bethany Stevens was one of the girls present and got pregnant at that party. 

But if Grace wasn’t the baby, who was? Others present were Dean Munsch who covered it all up with the help of Ms. Bean. Amy took the baby, but killed herself, so her sister, Jesse Meyer took care of the baby at an abandoned house and was called the Hag of Shady Lane. But she was caught and brought to the Palmer Asylum. Then Jesse changed her name into Gigi Caldwell!! She raised the baby’s as killers. But wait, babies you say? Sophia gave birth to two babies instead of one. Surprise! Not one killer, but two.

We find out that Boone didn’t kill himself, but it was all a set up and that he is one of the babies and one of the Red Devil Killers. The other baby was a girl and is none other than Hester, yes neckbrace Hester who faked it all. She was the brains behind all of it to infiltrate KKT and destroy them completely. While Gigi lost control over them. 

But there was another Red Devil and that was none other than Pete. He followed Red Devil Boone after he had killed Shondell and made a pact because Pete wanted to bring down KKT as well and especially Chanel after she had humiliated him. So he killed Roger. But he also killed Boone when Boone wanted him to kill Gigi. But Hester then killed Pete out of revenge. 

Boone killed almost everybody, 13 people. Pete killed two people and Hester killed Pete and Gigi only killed the original Red Devil.

There’s anther question that had never been asked before. Who is the father of the twins? It’s none other than Wes, the man slut. And that makes Boone and Hester half siblings of Grace. 

But who killed Dean Munsch’s ex and who killed Gigi?

The first question is easily answered. Dean Munsch killed her ex out of revenge. He slept with a student, a real brainless girl, who Munsch then set up for his murder. 

The second question is more difficult to answer. Pete and Boone were already dead, so it must have been Hester, right, just as she probably must have placed the bomb on the pizza guy. She was the only one left. Who else could have done it? 

And finally

Hester has her cunning plan all figured out. She stabs herself through the eye with a high heal and accuses Chanel No.5 to be the Red Devil, whose parents she has also bribed to betray her. She also has a fake statement from Chanel No.3’s psychologist who says she has a split personality and is a killer. And she bought all the killing tools at the hardware store while impersonating Chanel. So all three Chanels are put behind bars at Palmer Asylum where they surprisingly feel at home. 

Zayday becomes president of KKT and Grace vice president and Hester their assistant. But Dean Munsch knows all about Hester, while Hester knows all about Dean Munsch, so they keep quiet. Denise finally gets Chad and Wes gets Munsch. Everybody got what they wanted, they really turned out a happy bunch. All’s well that ends well, right?

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