[Netflix Review] Slasher Season 2: Guilty Party (2017)★★★★☆

Peter, Dawn, Noah, Andi and Susan

Slasher: Guilty Party takes a fresh turn on summer camp killers.

The second season of the anthology series Slasher brings us the familiar trope about killings in a summer camp but with a new fresh take, with a significant subtitle: Guilty Party. Just like the first season it has a great mystery setup that allows the viewer to guess the killer while red herrings are everywhere and where the killer is only revealed in the final episode. Every follow-up or sequel to a slasher has to be bigger, more gruesome, more deaths, more blood and an even crazier killer. And Slasher brings just that. 

With a lot of gruesome gory deaths, with a lot of blood, intestines, mangled and chopped-up bodies, torture and even a brutal awful rape, this second season tops the first with gore and gruesomeness. But the story also takes more time to develop, to create realistic characters with problems, motivations, guilt and remorse and revenge. It’s going to be a bloody party.

This second season consists of 8 episodes with each a duration of 44-52 minutes. It has a continuous storyline that takes place in an isolated area in a short timespan. While two groups of people have to survive a dangerous killer. 


5 Years ago Noah, Peter, Andi, Susan and Dawn worked as camp counselors at Camp Motega. They were a tight group of friends but when newcomer Talvinder worked her way into the group with manipulations, she turned the friends against each other. But when they found out, they decided to put her on trial and punish her for what she did. However things got terribly out of hand, and eventually lead to her death. To cover up what why did, they hid the body in a small cave.

Now Camp Motega is shut down. People didn’t sent their children anymore after the disappearance of Talvinder. In the former lodge a group of people  who call themselves ‘We Live as One’ lives a seclude and peaceful life. Renée owns the place and has built this community with her life partner Antoine. Judith is den mother and Keira and Mark are all equal members. Glenn has just joined them two months ago.

But the camp site where Talvinder is buried is soon to be turned into a golf course and the group of five is afraid that she will be discovered. So in the winter they return to the lodge to search for Talvinder’s body and to remove it. But when they go look, her body is gone.

And things are getting even worse when someone is murdered. Does someone know what they did and are they out for revenge? Or is it one of their own? Anyway, nobody is safe, cut off from the world each one of them is a sitting duck, waiting to be slaughtered in a gruesome way.

Why you should watch it

This second season is better, more deadly and more gory and gruesome than the first season. While also the characters and their motivations and who the killer might be are more explored in an interesting way. This season takes its time to unravel the mystery but also the characters. It jumps through time with flashbacks from 5 years ago when all of it started. It shows us who they were, who Talvinder was and how it has come that far to kill her. This is done in a very realistic way and shows that eventually everybody can be capable of murder. 

But the other group ‘We Live as One’ is living a secluded isolated life for their own reasons, PTSD, a trauma, guilt, a nervous breakdown, they all wanted to escape the normal world, but mostly their old lives. We get to know them too, by flashbacks that maybe can tells us more about who the killer might be.

Find out who the real Killer is, here.

The dynamics within both groups and between the two groups are very interesting and are an important element of the story and the mystery. They don’t trust each other and being isolated without a phone, a snow mobile and in the midst of a blizzard there’s nowhere to run. It’s a perfect setting and setup with interesting characters that results in a very exciting slasher story. 

Because we are dealing with a second season the kills are also more brutal, gruesome and a lot more gorier. Blood colors the snow, intestines embellish a snowman, and limbs are everywhere, even a puddle of blood and goo of what once was a person. With a chainsaw, an auger drill, a gun and knives and metal bars, everyone is slayed with creativity by an imaginative killer. It has definitely leveled up the carnage. 

Ultimately it’s all about unmasking the killer. And this time it’s a very tough job. It has a smart setup and the mystery slowly unravels, keeping you guessing till the end. 

A nice gimmick is the camp itself. Camp Motega is in fact the same camp where Sarah and Cam went, when he was a counselor and she a teenager who spent her summer there. It’s also where the picture was taken that shows Cam holding his drawing of gluttony that gave Sarah the final clue. So although it is an anthology series with new characters and a new story, there’s a fun connection. 

My favorite part

The first kill was very surprising and a very brutal one to start with. And the auger drill was the most gruesome and vile kill and very sickening. But the way the extremely brutal kills are set within a well-built tale of mystery where the characters are paramount is very well-done and keeps the story balanced and not too focused on shock value. The unmasking of the killer was very delicately done, with care and not to exploit mental illness or traumas. This was actually done in a delicate way throughout this season that mostly dealt with mental illness, traumas, guilt and a lot of secrets. 


Rating: ★★★★☆

Gore factor: ★★★★★

Thrill factor: ★★★☆☆

Drama factor: ★★★☆☆

Gruesome factor: ★★★★★

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

Slasher is created by Aaron Martin. It stars Paula Brancati (Dawn), Jim Watson (Noah), Lovell Adams-Gray (Peter), Rebecca Liddiard (Andi), Kaitlyn Leeb (Susan), Melinda Shankar (Talvinder), Joanna Vannicola (Renée), Christopher Jacot (Antoine), Paulino Nunes (Mark), Madison Cheeatow (Keira), Ty Olsson (Glenn), Jefferson Brown (Gene), Leslie Hope (Judith) and Sebastian Pigott (Wren). 

Music: Shawn Pierce. Cinematography: Geoff Wallace. Production companies: Shaftesbury Films, Super Channel, TVA Group. Original network: Super Channel, Chiller, Netflix. 

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