[TV Review] The Magicians Season 5 (2020) ★★★★★

Christmas at The Magicians season

The Magicians bring their adventures to a whimsical epic ending. 

The fifth season of The Magicians will also be the last season. Although not as devastating and epic as the fourth season, it certainly contains the whimsical, witty humor with lots of brilliantly absurd and weird events that result in another wonderful and magical season. The characters did change throughout their adventures and they keep on learning, which makes them likable, interesting and above all very human. This last season will be a season with multiple apocalypses and with personal struggles they each have to overcome. But they do it together and that makes all the difference.

This fifth season consists of 13 episodes with each a duration of 44 minutes. With a continuous big story arc, two big storylines and the great powerful characters this final season ends with new beginnings.

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After Quentin has returned magic and has sacrificed himself to throw the Monster into the void, his friends have to deal with their loss. But Julia got her magic back and wants to put it to good use so Quentin didn’t die for not. Meanwhile Eliot and Alice struggle with the death of Quentin whom they both loved. But when they return to Fillory they find out that 300 years have passed. The Dark King has overthrown Josh and Fen and executed them and  he now rules with great power, because he’s the only one who can defeat The Takers, new evil creatures who have emerged. But Margo and Eliot are determined to save Josh and Fen and manage to get them tot time travel to the present. 

Kady has concerned herself with the Hedges, who had put marks on them by Everett from The Library. And she wants to help them restore their magic. But there’s another problem. Now magic is back, there are surges that cause great disturbances when magic is done causing spells go wrong very badly. Penny becomes a new professor at Brakebills and gets himself into trouble with a student who can time travel. And finally Julia gets a visit from a Pigman who’s looking for a hero to save the world. 

Why you should watch it

This fifth season of The Magicians is full of magical adventures, comical events and absurd troubles, just like you are used to. A lot is going on with everybody. But although everyone tries to find their new path after the horrific ordeals they have been through, they also become much closer and more grown-up. While Margo is determined to save Fillory, she gets help from Eliot and Josh and Fen. Julia finds out that the magical surges will cause an apocalypse that will destroy the earth and sees it as her new mission, while Penny wants to build a quiet life with her. Kady becomes a leader figure in the Hedges community. And Alice has found a mysterious page in Quentin’s drawer about a plant and written in a strange language and turns that into her mission to decipher it and to give meaning to her own life. While Eliot is struggling with a voice in his head that he thinks is a part of the Monster, but in fact proves to be Charlton. 

It’s a great season that lets the characters evolve even further and gives meaning to their lives in different ways. But that doesn’t come easily and sometimes they still are the screw-ups as they were in the first season. But now they take full responsibility and try to fix everything. They all have become true magical heroes, like Quentin always was. Now they aren’t looking for trouble but for missions and quests to help people and fix things. 

They encounter a lot of new problems. Two apocalypses, one on earth and one in Fillory. New villains, The Dark King in Fillory and The Couple on earth. Zelda has become an important part of the team and Dean Fogg has a more important role to play. The Pigman is a hilarious new very old-fashioned creature that is quite sexist. Of course we see the talking bunnies. And they gain new friends like Plum. They time travel to the past. They pull off a heist while singing in a musical episode which is brilliantly funny and touching as well. Margo and Eliot switch bodies which is also quite funny. They also both are trapped in a time loop to save earth. And Margo’s eye that she often gives to Josh so she can keep an eye on him and to make sure he is safe, is very endearing and shows how much Margo cares for Josh. In the second half Julia gets pregnant and it is Red Monkey Month in Fillory, so the baby grows thrice as quick. 

The adventures are all very imaginative and there’s a lot going on. The first apocalypse introduces Lunatics and the Moon as a sentient female being. The second apocalypse has even more consequences for the whole multiverse. While they each have their own mission, it’s eventually all tied together and even Santa has had a hand in it to help them. It’s all so inventively created and every adventure and bizarre happenings are wonderfully intertwined with what’s personally going on with each character. It’s fun and exciting, it’s magical and imaginative. It’s often hilarious, original and whimsical but also moving and epic. 

Although this wasn’t supposed to be the last season, they have managed to create a very satisfying ending. With an early Christmas episode, it’s all about new beginnings. Alice, Fen, Margo and Josh have successfully created a new Fillory and put every Fillorian into the Ark and ended up there to build it anew. Julia and Penny have a daughter Hope, and go in search for their friends and the new Fillory. Kady is the new leader of the Hedges and helps them with magic. Eliot and Charlton, who has gotten a new body, give their new relationship a chance while Eliot is also a new professor at Brakebills. But the Moon and magic is still wonky, but at least magic is still here. And as Dean Fogg says about all the unresolved problems, if  everything was solved: What would be the fun in that? So new beginnings and a wonderful ending with every character finding new missions and a new story to begin. 

My favorite part

I loved every minute of this wonderful series. It was whimsical, it was dark, it was epic, adventurous, imaginative and original and it did not shy away from difficult choices or issues to address. I also loved the unconventional characters. Each character was his or her own and added something special and unique to the story and doing so, creating their own stories. I absolutely adore Margo and Eliot and I’m so glad that Margo ended up with Josh and that Eliot had a new chance at love. And although I’m too sad that this wonderful series has come to an end, I loved the way how they managed to bring it to a satisfying ending for everyone with new beginnings, new adventures and new stories while they are now all equipped with knowledge and wisdom and kindness to bring every new mission to a good ending.


Rating: ★★★★★

Epic factor: ★★★★★

Drama factor: ★★★★☆

Originality: ★★★★★

Entertainment factor: ★★★★☆

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Cast and crew

The Magicians is based on the book with the same name written by Lev Grossman. It is created by Sera Gamble and John McNamara. It stars Jason Ralph (Quentin), Stella Maeve (Julia), Olivia Taylor Dudley (Alice), Hale Appleman (Eliot), Arjun Gupta (Penny), Summer Bishil (Margo), Jade Tailor (Kady), Trevor Einhorn (Josh), Britany Curran (Fen), Rick Worthy (Dean Fogg), Mageina Tovah (Zelda), Riann Steele (Plum) and Sean Maguire (Seb).

Music: Will Bates. Cinematography: Corey Robson, Thomas Burstyn. Production companies: Groundswell Productions, NBC Universal Television, Universal Cable Productions. Original network: Syfy. 

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