[TV Review] Creeped Out Season 2 (2019) ★★★★☆

Creeped Out brings more chills for the little horror fans.

This second season of the supernatural, science fiction anthology series Creeped Out brings more supernatural chills and horror fun for children from age nine. Each episode contains a scary, fun, science fiction or fantasy story that is aimed at a younger audience. Some episodes are more scary than others and some are better than others, but with 10 episodes there will be something for everyone. The level in storytelling, the acting and the childishness differs. But overall it’s a very nice horror series for kids that is as entertaining as scary. The series is British-Canadian so some episodes you will hear a British accent and some Canadian/American accents. 

This second season consists of 10 episodes with each a duration of 24 minutes that all tell a different scary or weird story. 

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Every episode starts with a voice-over that introduces the story. She tells about The Curious a child-like being wearing a clay mask. Nobody knows where he is from or where he is going. But he or she collects stories and takes an item of each story with him to put in his bag. And when he starts to whistle, you know something bad is going to happen. And the end of each episode the voice-over tells about the lesson learned and what the theme of the episode was all about. 

The Unfortunate Five ★★★★☆

(written by Emma Campbell)

Five student have to stay after school in detention. They get a course mindfulness from a new coach but she isn’t what she seems to be. This episode is all about the feelings of high school students and relatable. You have to deal with anger in a controlled way. 

Itchy ★☆☆☆☆

(directed by Gareth Tunley & written by Robert Butler)

Lice are starting a war against humans and Gabe is the only one who can hear the lice talk about their evil plans, but nobody listens to him. It’s kind of a strange story that is a bit cheesy. But you are always braver than you think you are.

Help ★★★☆☆

(directed by Bruce McDonald & written by Robert Butler)

Molly and her brother Crispin makes so much use of their smart home system Ava that they don’t think for themselves anymore. When they get bored, it’s time for Ava to teach them a lesson. It’s an episode with a big nod to the dependence of technology. It starts off slow but has a nice twist. You always should think for yourself.

The Many Place ★★★★★

(directed by Lucy Campbell & written by Bede Blake)

Siblings Nita, Max and Jett get lost in a hotel where they have just arrived with their parents. The hotel is a multi-dimensional place in time and space and a monster also lurks the hallways, the Quinkin. A thrilling weird fiction horror episode full of mystery and some scares. 

One More Minute ★★★☆☆

(written by Patrick Whistler) 

Jack is so obsessed with playing his video games that real life passes him by, even literally. It’s a nice solid episode but nothing really scary happens, it all ends well. It’s about prioritizing in life and figuring out what is really important. Gaming is fun, until it takes over your life. 

No Filter ★★★★★

(directed by Simon hand & written by Robert Butler)

Keira is addicted to social media and making selfies. When she uses a free app to make the perfect selfie, she loses herself. It’s a very up-to-date story and scary to boot. Very well told and executed with an ending that isn’t all too happy. Always read the small print and be careful with free apps, and there’s absolutely no need to be perfect, because that’s fiction. 

Only Child ★★★★★

(directed by Bruce McDonald & written by Bede Blake, Robert Butler)

When 14 year-old Mia gets a baby brother, she is at first a bit jealous, but then she notices some strange things about this baby who might not even be her little brother. This episode is quite scary and mixes horror with fantasy. With a great plot and structure the twist is carefully set and executed. Sometimes you have to sacrifice something so that others can be happy. 

The Takedown ★★★☆☆

(directed by Bruce McDonald & written by Emma Campbell)

Alexa is a wrestler at her high school but with lack of a girl’s team she’s in the boy’s team. She’s better than anyone in her team and gets an opportunity to compete in a big game. But when she gets a text that offers her what she wants, she doesn’t  think twice, but she really should have. It’s not a story that is about the difference being a girl or a boy, but about trusting yourself and your own talents. You always must rely on your own strengths. 

Tilly Bone ★★★★★

(directed by Simon Hynd & written by Bede Blake)

This story is told backwards. It’s the best told and shot episode of this season and you have to pay attention. It’s also a big mystery of what is going on, so just watch this slumber party gone wrong. Everything you do has consequences. 

Splinta Claws ★★★★★

(directed by Gareth Tunley & written by Bede Blake)

Lawrence and Mikey are two best friends who are locked up in a department store after closing and are chased by an evil mechanical Santa Claus. It’s a very fun, and thrilling story with a creepy Santa Claus. If you just do what you are told, you don’t get into trouble, but what’s the fun in that. 

Why you should watch it

This second season has more series to offer. And just like the first season some are great, original or scary or all of the above, and some are a bit cheesy or dull even. Although this series is aimed at children, it’s also very enjoyable for adults and a great watch for the whole family. It’s certainly a nice introduction to weird tales and horror stories for little fans who want to discover the wide variety of supernatural scary tales. Every story also has a lesson, some more obvious than others, but it’s nicely integrated into the stories. The stories vary from horror, science fiction, fantasy, and weird fiction, some with humor, some more serious. There are a lot of stories to choose from and there’s no right or wrong order, so you can pick a story and if you don’t like it, just go to the next one.

My favorite part

My favorite stories are Tilly Bone, Splinta Claus, The Many Place, Only Child and No Filter. They each bring something weird and fresh to scary stories and they have a great twist and mystery.


Rating: ★★★★☆

Thrill factor: ★★★☆☆

Scare factor: ★★★☆☆

Originality factor: ★★★★☆

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

Creeped Out is created by Bede Blake and Robert Butler. Narrator: Victoria Diamond. It stars Brielle Robillard (Jude), Olivia Presti (Willow), Yatharth Bhatt (stan), Morgan Kohan (Faye), Claire Qute (Mayel), Dante Zee (Feng), Oliver Finnegan (Gabe), Quincy Kirkwood (Moly), Jakob Davies (Crispin), Hannah Saxby (Nita), Alex Warburton (Jett), Minti Gorne (Max), Tomaso Sanelli (Jack), Imogen Faires (Keira), Shanice Archer (Marcy), Shechinah Mpumlwana (Mia), Imogen Tear (Alexa) Lola Mae Loughran (Cass), Ella Dunlop (Alice), James Day (Nate), Alice Franziska Woodhouse (Junebug), Jola Olajide (Claudia), Taighen O’Callaghan (Lawrence) and Alex Eastwood (Mikey).

Music: Jody Colero. Cinematography: Andrew Johnson, Jason Webber, Benjamin Pritchard, Mitchell Ness. Production company: CBBC Productions, DHX Media. Original network: CBBC, Family Channel.

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