[TV Review] Creeped Out Season 1 (2017) ★★★★☆

Kindlesticks in Creeped Out season 1

Creeped Out brings chills for the little horror fans.

Creeped Out is a supernatural anthology horror series for children from age nine. Each episode contains a scary, fun, science fiction or fantasy story that is aimed at a younger audience. Some episodes are more scary than others and some are better than others, but with 13 episodes there will be something for everyone. The level in storytelling, the acting and the childishness differs. But overall it’s a very nice horror series for kids that is as entertaining as scary. The series is British-Canadian so some episodes you will hear a British accent and some Canadian/American accents. 

This first season consists of 13 episodes with each a duration of 24 minutes that all tell a different scary or weird story. 

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Every episode starts with a voice-over that introduces the story. She tells about The Curious a child-like being wearing a clay mask. Nobody knows where he is from or where he is going. But he or she collects stories and takes an item of each story with him to put in his bag. And when he starts to whistle, you know something bad is going to happen. At the end of each episode the voice-over tells about the lesson learned and what the theme of the episode was all about. 

Slapstick ★★★★☆

(directed by Steve Hughes & written by Bede Blake, Robert Butler)

Jessie is ashamed of her parents and when other kids laugh at her, she decides that a change is much needed. When a boy approaches her on the beach at the puppet theater and tells her that puppet Mr Blackteeth can grant wishes, she makes a wish she wished she hadn’t. This episode is a little bit scary and with a dark ending. You have to appreciate the family you have before they are gone.

Cat Food ★★★★☆

(directed by Steve Hughes & written by Bede Blake, Robert Butler)

Stu pretends to be ill, so that he can stay at home. He spies on his elderly neighbor who does all kinda of freaky things and he suspect she’s a monster. It’s a very fun monster episode, with the cunning Stu, but the twist can be a bit cruel. You can cheat to be the better for it, but it can hurt others.

Trolled ★★☆☆☆

(directed by Steve Hughes & written by Bede Blake, Robert Butler)

Sam isn’t very popular at school, so he bullies other kids online. But not without severe consequences. This episode has a very clear moral to it and a monster to boot. It’s very on the nose and therefore maybe not that enjoyable and undermines the important message. What goes around comes around.

Marti ★★★☆☆

(directed by Bruce McDonald & written by Bede Blake, Robert Butler)

When Kim wants to be popular she orders a new phone called the Rav Phone that will make her life perfect, but of course with some terrible consequences. This science fiction story is a bit flat with an all too clear moral to it. You have to be careful with social media, before it takes over your whole life.

A Boy Called Red ★★★★★

(directed by Steve Hughes & written by Bede Blake, Robert Butler)

Vincent and is father visit his father’s aunt, because his parents are getting a divorce. But something strange happened to his dad when he was a little boy. He had a friend called Red but who disappeared in the well near the house. He still hasn’t coped with that. When Vincent finds a time portal in the basement, the mysteries from the past might be solved. This is a fun time travel story with a great twist and a heartwarming tale about a boy and his father. As a kid you can also help your parents.

The Call ★★☆☆☆

(directed by Steve Hughes & written by Bede Blake, Robert Butler)

Pearl and her little brother Danny are adopted. Pearl isn’t very popular, but slowly she finds out where she is really from. This is a very on the nose tale about pollution and finding your own identity. You can always decide who you are going to be, despite where you are from.

Bravery Badge ★★★★☆

(directed by Steve Hughes & written by Bede Blake, Robert Butler)

Dent has to go camping with the Hedgehogs Scouts. There she meets the over-enthusiast Janie and the cowardly Jo-Jo. When the camp leader tells them a scary story at the bonfire about people going  missing right at this spot, there might be some truth to that. It’s a nice story about being brave, smart and it’s also a very imaginative story. It can be a little scary at times, but also with humor. You don’t need to be judgmental, but brave and independent.

Spaceman ★★★★☆

(directed by Steve Hughes & written by Bede Blake, Robert Butler)

Thomas has moved with his mother to the countryside and meets Sput who is a bit weird. But then they find a crashed space pod with inside it an alien. It turns out to be a kid that just wants to go home and Thomas and Sput decide to help him. But of course this tale has a surprise up its sleeve. This episode is all about being homesick and missing your old life, and how hard it is to make new friends. You never should judge someone by his appearance. 

Kindlesticks ★★★★★

(directed by Bruce McDonald & written by Bede Blake, Robert Butler)

Esme is a bad babysitter, she’s mean and terrifies the kids with a scary story about the Night Night Man. Who then suddenly appears to frighten the kids, but is in fact her boyfriend wearing a disguise. But when Esme has to babysit Ashley, who has an imaginary friend of his own, Kindlesticks, Esme is the one to be scared. This is quite a scary story and with solid storytelling and with a great twist, this horror story takes children seriously. You better be nice to others. 

Shed No Fear ★★★★★

(directed by Bruce McDonald & written by Denis McGrath, Bede Blake)

This episode takes place in the seventies. Greg and Dave were the best of friends, but now Dave is in the football-team he ignores Greg. But when something strange is happening to Dave, Greg decides to help him and both end up in the strangest adventure. This is a very original and well told story with a great mystery and twist and is all about friendship. It’s scary and fun and very thrilling. Friendship is something you’ll have to count on.

The Traveler ★★★★★

(directed by Steve Hughes & written by Bede Blake, Robert Butler)

Jodie and Brandon only want to make fun and pull pranks. They’re too selfish to notice that it hurts people they love. When Jodie finds a suitcase with a time device she finds out she can stop time and pull even more pranks. But the owner of the suitcase, a blue man wants it back and comes after them. It’s a realistic episode with a weird fiction vibe and a rather scary blue man. It can be quite threatening. If you are being selfish it can hurt the people you love. 

Side Show ★★★★★

(directed by Bruce McDonald & written by Bede Blake, Robert Butler)

This last story is spread over two episodes. It tells the story about a traveling circus in the forties. Ace lives with the circus that is run by Zephaniah. Everybody in the circus has a special gift and is an outsider, taken in by Zephaniah. But nothing is as it seems and when Ace finds out the truth, the circus turns out to be a very sinister place. Because of the double runtime, this episode takes its time to tell a good story with a great buildup and twist and with plenty mystery and emotion. It’s a magical story that has a very emotional ending, but luckily it ends well. 

Why you should watch it

Although this series is aimed at children, it’s also very enjoyable for adults and a great watch for the whole family. It’s certainly a nice introduction to weird tales and horror stories for little fans who want to discover the wide variety of supernatural scary tales. Every story also has a lesson, some more obvious than others, but it’s nicely integrated into the stories. The stories vary from horror, science fiction, fantasy, and weird fiction, some with humor, some more serious. There are a lot stories to choose from and there’s no right or wrong order, so you can pick a story and if you don’t like it, just go to the next one. 

My favorite part

My favorite stories are Kindlesticks, Shed No Fear, A Boy Called Red and Side Show. They each bring something weird and fresh to scary stories and they have a great twist and mystery.


Rating: ★★★★☆

Thrill factor: ★★★☆☆

Scare factor: ★★★☆☆

Originality factor: ★★★★☆

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

Creeped Out is created by Bede Blake and Robert Butler. Narrator: Victoria Diamond. It stars Sydney Wade (Jessie), Rhys Gannon (Stu), Jonathan Blake (Sam), Tiffany Elefano (Kim), Malen Clarkson (Vincent), Rebecca Hanssen (Pearl), William Haresceugh (Danny), Isabella Pinto (Dent), Bella Band (Janie), Lola Ogunyemi (Jo), Gianlucca Galluci (Henry), Jacob Henshaw (Thomas), Romy Weltman (Esme), Justin Paul Kelly (Ashley), Jordan Poole (Greg), Thamela Mpumlwana (Dave), Leah Choudhry (Jodie), Daniel Ogbeide-John (Brandon), Kyle Breitkopf (Ace), Katie Douglas (Indigo) and Julian Richings (Zephaniah).

Music: Joe Kraemer. Cinematography: Andrew Johnson, Jason Webber. Production company: CBBC Productions, DHX Media. Original network: CBBC, Family Channel.

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