[TV Review] Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 (2018) ★★★★★

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Ash vs Evil Dead is going to be timeline meddling gory groovy. 

The third and final season of Ash vs Evil Dead has a a lot of change in store for Ash. But he isn’t the only one who is going through some changes, so do Kelly and Pablo, while Ruby is being exchanged. And of course they have to deal with the consequences after bringing Pablo back to life and meddling big time with the timeline, thus having to deal with other villains, or the same but different and a whole new dimension with monsters. With new changes in dynamics, new settings, and new characters and the Ash vs Evil Dead universe ever expanding, this is yet another ultimate groovy deadite party and everyone is invited. 

This third season consists of 10 episodes with each a duration of 25 minutes. It has a continuous storyline where Ash gains new friends, a daughter, and tries to build a new life, while new villains, monsters and another dimension don’t make it any easier. 

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The final episode of season 2 took us back to 1982. Pablo was killed and now they try to open a portal to where it all began in the cabin in the woods to prevent Ash from finding the Necronomicon. But Ruby 1982 is also there. She kills present Ruby and takes the Necronomicon and wants to perform the ritual to create their evil spawn. But Ash outsmarts Baal, who’s taken to the Neitherworld and Pablo is brought back to life. Ash, Pablo and Kelly return to present Elk Grove, but alternate Ruby has followed them.

But that’s not Ash’s biggest problem. He has taken over his father’s hardware store after he died and on top of that he finds out he has a seventeen-year-old daughter with Candy Barr, Brandy Barr. When Candy is killed by a deadite, Ash wants to try to be a father. 

Alternate Ruby poses as a school counselor to win Brandy over and tries to kill Ash. Her ultimate evil plan is to give birth to an evil savior with Ash’s as the father. 

To make matters worse, there’s a vortex in the cellar of the hardware store and Kelly returns to Elk Grove with Dalton a Sumerian Knight who serves the Savior of Humanity, a.k.a. Ash. While Pablo turns into a Brujo Especial.

Why you should watch it

This third season is hilarious, gory, brutal, over the top campy, with some very dark humor. The dynamics between the group is changed yet again. While Ash and Pablo stayed in Elk Grove, Kelly left to explore the world. But none of them could escape the adventure they’ve started. After we have had Ruby for an alley, now the alternate Ruby is bad again and even more evil than the evil Ruby we knew. 

Brandy is a whole new character who stirs up the story and completely changes Ash’s life. So we get to see a different side of him, just a bit though. While Ash and Pablo grew closer together, Dalton drives a wedge between Pablo and Kelly. Brandy is the one whom everybody cares for and she now is the binding factor. 

But Ash, Kelly and Pablo also get the much needed attention. Pablo’s development is the most bizarre of all, his turning into a Brujo Especial is indeed very special and dangerous and is cause for a lot of horror. While Kelly is going into full revenge mode. And Ash, has teen issues to worry about. It’s a hell of a mix, that can only lead to more chaos and mayhem and it is brought to you with delicious campy over the top gory fun. While keeping things interesting by changing and expanding the story, it holds true to the authentic atmosphere of The Evil Dead, but even more over the top and gives the fans exactly what they want. 

Brand new is the vortex in the basement. A vortex that opens up a whole new world with bigger monsters and more danger that oozes through the rift into our world. It all looks great and the special effects and the practical effects are top notch. Of course there’s a lot of blood, gore, guts and limbs and a lot of over the top campy humor and fights. The fight with the baby is hilarious. Kandar the Destroyer is a wonderfully designed monster that is a great villain who wants to destroy Elk Grove. The mythology behind it all is further explored and expanded, that honors the films and series so far. It starts out a little slow at first, but when things go south, they go straight into hell. 

Sadly this was the last season, for now. A lot of questions stay unanswered and unfortunately it didn’t have a closed ending. Anything could have happened in a fourth season. It did have a very fitting and ironic ending though that resembles the original ending of Army of Darkness (1992). So we’re right back to where we started or ended, it depends how you look at it. 

Anyway, this series was certainly a lot of fun and a great treat for the Evil Dead fans. It was good to be back and it was groovy.

My favorite part

I really loved the introduction of Brandy and her new relationship with Ash. It was anything but easy, very awkward but heartwarming nonetheless, with all the blood and guts flying around, though. Ash is incorrigible but at least he tries. Brandy is a kick ass addition and the mayhem in the music room is just hilarious. The demon dimension really added something new and fresh to the story that we haven’t seen before in this franchise and it certainly leaves us wanting for more. 


Rating: ★★★★★

Fun factor: ★★★★★

Gore factor: ★★★★★

Originality factor: ★★★★★

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

Ash vs Evil Dead is created by Sam Raimi, Ivan Raimi and Tom Spezialy. It stars Bruce Campbell (Ash Williams), Ray Santiago (Pablo Bolivar), Dana DeLorenzo (Kelly Maxwell), Lucy Lawless (Ruby Knowby), Arielle Carver-O’Neil (Brandy Barr), Lindsay Farris (Dalton), Emilia Burns (Zoe), and Lee Majors (Brock Williams). 

Music: Joseph LoDuca. Cinematography: Dave Garbett,  Andrew George. Production company: Renaissance Pictures, Starz Originals. Original network: Starz.

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