Who is the Killer in Scream Season 2 The Halloween Special

The Killer wearing an Anna Hobbs mask and holds garden shears in Scream season 2 Halloween Special

Now that Piper is dead an Kieran is about to go to prison, The new Lakewood Five have to figure out what to do next with their lives. But there’s also a next Killer…

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The Setting

The Lakewood Five, Emma, Audrey, Noah, Brooke and Stavo want some time off with Halloween. Especially after Kieran is murdered in the courthouse cell. Noah and Stavo have successfully published a graphic novel of the Lakewood Murders. To help Noah with his writers block, their publisher Jeremy Blair wants to bring them to Shallow Grove Island to investigate the legend of Anna Hobbs. In the 1930’s she killed her mother, her little brother and landowner Reginald Whitten. And then killed herself. Noah and Stavo invite their friends to come along and to swap Murderville for Murder Island. 

The Characters

Of course the Lakewood Five are in. Audrey invites her girlfriend Gina McLane and of course Jeremy comes along too. On the island they meet Billie the caretaker and Alex Whitten, the descendent of Reginald Whitten and who owns the murderhouse. 

Let the killings begin:

  • Death no.1: Sid, the store and museum owner is stabbed with a garden shears. 
  • Death no.2: Billie the caretaker is also stabbed with the same garden shears.
  • Death no.3: The Sheriff is stabbed too.
  • Death no.4: Jeremy is also stabbed.

The Legend of Anna Hobbs

The legend goes that Anna Hobbs was a psychopath and one day at Halloween night she went crazy. She stabbed her mother with the garden shears and her little brother too. Then she went up to the Whitten house and killed Reginald Whitten in his bed. Because her mother was just the caretaker and Whitten their boss, the case was closed, but the Sheriff had some doubts. For one thing it rained that night and the floor in Reginald’s bedroom wasn’t wet. 

So Noah comes up with a different theory, which is very plausible. Especially when they find a secret passageway that leads from the Whitten Mansion to the caretaker house. When they find a photo album made by Reginald with scarcely clad women in it and an empty space for Anna, he connects the dots. Presumably Reginald liked the ladies and as caretaker Anna’s mother couldn’t refuse him. But when his eye fell upon the now almost adult Anna, her mother stood up for them. Whereupon Reginald killed her in a struggle and killed the little brother who had seen everything. Then Reginald wanted to rape Anna, but she stabbed him with the garden shears, but not before he wounded her badly. To wash away the blood, she went secretively to the dock with a cloth, hence the presumed mask, but died of her wounds. 

The killer unmasked

But what does this have to do with the current killings? Well, nothing. Again it has everything to do with Emma. Because the Alex they met on the island isn’t the real Alex. His name is Tom Martin. He feels a very strong connection with Emma because they are both survivors. His parents were killed when he was very young, and he sat with their dead bodies before he was discovered. To lure her to the island he sent an email to Jeremy to rekindle the legend of Anna Hobbs. And to impress her he killed for her. When he tells her this, she tricks him and he falls from the balcony to his death. But he did confess to her that he didn’t kill Kieran.

So, who did kill Kieran

After the aftermath, Noah asks the same question. While we see Kevin Duval, Emma’s father standing at Kieran’s grave. We also see a man check into the Crescent Palms Motel who calls himself Mr James…

Unfortunately while Noah speaks of a sequel, we didn’t get it and we will never know. Nor do we know if the killing sprees are really over, or that Murderville will always be Murderville. 

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