Who is the Killer in Scream Season 2

The Lakewood Slasher ta

The last episode of the first season revealed Piper Shaw as the Lakewood Slasher. But she couldn’t have done it all by herself. She had an accomplice. Who is this second Lakewood Slasher who starts up a whole new murder spree?

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The Setting

It has been a few months since the events have ended. Piper turned out to be Emma’s half sister and the Lakewood Slasher. She was shot by Audrey and Emma and everybody thought it was finally over. Except for Noah, he had a theory that Piper had an accomplice. And he is proven right when Emma, after being away for therapy, returns to Lakewood and the killings start all over again. The Lakewood Six, Emma, Audrey, Noah, Brooke, Kieran and Jake have to face another killer who torments them before he kills them. Now he is targeting Audrey who gets his phone calls and messages. We already saw that she was the one who brought Piper to Lakewood and the killer is blackmailing her and making her his unwilling accomplice. 

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The Characters

The six survivors of the killing spree are called by Noah the Lakewood Six. They have to face yet another killer. But there are also some new faces. Eli, Kieran’s cousin comes to live with Kieran with his mother. There’s a new sheriff Miguel Acosta who has a 17 year-old son, Stavo. There’s a new psychology teacher Kristin Lang. That means new victims, new friends, new enemies or new suspects. 

Let the killings begin:

  • Death no. 1: Jake Fitzgerald is the first one of the Lakewood Six who dies. He is gutted while hanging upside down in a barn.
  • Death no.2: Eddie Hayes, the receptionist at the Crescent Palms Motel is stabbed in the neck. 
  • Death no.3: Seth Branson’s hand is cut off and he is dumped in a bathtub in a model home which then is set on fire, so he burns alive. 
  • Death no.4: Hayley Meyers is stabbed to death.
  • Death no.5: Zoe Vaughn drowns in a closed coffin.
  • Death no.6: Quinn Maddox, Brooke’s father is stabbed with a pitchfork.
  • Death no.7: A cop is stabbed to death.
  • Death no.8: Eli is shot by Emma and then by Kieran.

The Suspects

Now that there are some new characters, there are also some new suspects to choose from. Eli is on top of the list. He’s a bit disturbed. He often feels lonely and plays a game he calls goldieloxing, sneaking into other people’s houses pretending he’s someone else. He seems a stalker who’s way too interested in Emma and he has a criminal record and was at Will’s funeral. 

But Kristin Lang was at the same children’s home as Piper and they could have known each other, even been friends. Stavo is the new kid, who draws morbid pictures of the Lakewood Six. And he accidentally has shot his best friend Kyle with his father’s gun when he was little. 

We also learn that Brandon James wasn’t really dead after he was shot. Maggie and Miguel Acosta saved him, but don’t know what has become of him. These are all people who could have known Piper and want to take revenge. 

The Killer unmasked

For a long time, this killer plays a deadly cat-and-mouse game with both Audrey and Emma, driving them apart and making it look like they might be the killers themselves this time. Even Kristin talks about folie à deux, that they are lost together in their own delusions. But of course we know better. Luckily so do Brooke and Noah. When Audrey and Emma are chased down by both the police and the killer they hide out at the movie theater, where Noah and Brooke and Kieran come to help them catch the killer. 

But Brooke is stabbed and Audrey is kidnapped and taken to the abandoned Blessed Sisters Children’s Home. Emma finds Audrey tied up and Kieran shows up, but so does a stabbed Eli who claims Kieran has stabbed him. Emma shoots Eli when he wants to attack Kieran, but then Kieran reveals he’s the real killer, and shoots Eli a couple of more times. Audrey and Emma together overpower him and he is taken away by the police. 

Kieran tells Emma he was with Piper. He had issues with his father who abandoned him and left him in Atlanta with his mother and stepdad. So he and Piper wanted to take revenge out on their parents who left them. She showed him that killing was better than therapy. But when Emma and Audrey killed Piper, he wanted revenge for her death. So he tortured Audrey with the fact that she was the one who brought Piper to Lakewood. 

Audrey was in love with Emma, but when Emma started to have new friends, Audrey’s heart was broken. So she wanted to get back at her. She wanted to destroy her and to make a documentary about Brandon James who was also an outsider and misunderstood and mistreated and was made a monster by Lakewood. So she contacted Piper and wrote letters to her. She also knew that Piper was Emma’s half sister, but Piper swore to Audrey she wasn’t the killer. And Piper was with Audrey the night Rachel was murdered. So Audrey didn’t suspect her.

The end

So it was all about revenge, about feeling mistreated and dealing with it very psychopathically. But is it really over? In prison Kieran gets a phone call with a distorted voice who says: Who told you that you could wear my mask? Does that mean that Brandon James is still alive? Maggie also finds a note on the tree where she communicated with Brandon in secret. Or does it mean that Kieran also had an accomplice? Emma was called by the killer in the movie theater when Kieran was there. Or did he leave the room? We don’t see him while Emma is on the phone, but we do right after she hung up. So what to make of that?

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