[TV Review] My Dead Ex Season 1 (2018) ★★★★★

My Dead Ex puts a quirky spell on you that is as fun as it is moving. 

My Dead Ex is a romantic zombie comedy series that is as funny as it is moving and surprisingly fresh. With quirky and strikingly dynamic characters, great cinematography and beautiful music and strong editing, this romzom, coming of age horror comedy is fun and quirky and touching and very cute. Although it’s the old ‘boy-loves-girl-but-she-doesn’t-love-him-back’ love story, it gets a totally new fresh spin that is told with an authentic voice that will enchant you like a whimsical feel-good fairytale. 

This first and only season consists of 8 episodes with each a duration of 21-27 minutes. It has a continuous storyline that evolves around the characters. Although it has only one season, it doesn’t end with a cliffhanger, but ends satisfyingly.


Charley Albright is a typical high school girl. She has a crush on the handsome Luke, spends a lot of time on instagram and daydreams about how her perfect life should look like which she shares with her best friend Wren who has a crush on Bethany. She also has a not so secret admirer Ben Bloom who has asked her out for the 56th time. Every time she said no, but to get rid of him once and for all, she says yes on one condition that he will never ask her out again. 

Their date doesn’t exactly go smoothly and to win her heart Ben decides to paint her a message on a billboard and puts it on instagram, just as he falls to his death. 

After the wake, Charley reminiscences her former friendship with Ben when they were ten years old and puts on the neckless he once gave to her. This act sets an incredible magic in motion as Ben is brought back to life, and with a baffling consequence to boot. 

Why you should watch it

My Dead Ex is an amazingly funny but also very romantic and quirky cute story. It feels like a very crazy fairytale that’s not all about the love  story between Ben and Charley, but also about finding out who you really are. And with some pretty awkward and out-of-the-box characters that can be quite tough. 

Ben is quite the character, as shows while he was still alive and now he’s back from the grave. To hide the fact that he’s turned into an undead and not resting peacefully in his grave, he has to change outfits and appearances which results in some very funny dress-ups. But it’s also a nice metaphor for trying out different styles to fit your developing personality and to establish your identity. 

Through flashbacks we learn more about the relationship between Charley and Ben in the past and what happened to drift them apart. Their ten-year-old selves are just adorable and make this series even more endearing to watch. It’s really all about the story of them and with great supporting characters this results in a captivating cozy watch.

Every character is well fleshed out, especially in the short amount of time they have to grow and develop. They are portrayed in a very believable and likable way so that you instantly feel you know this group of unlikely friends. Each character has his or her own quirkiness, struggles and strengths that are used in an optimized way to push the story forward while the story allows them to grow. 

The fantasy part is a fun original concept. While wearing the neckless, Ben stays undead, but he can’t be separated from Charley more than 30 feet. And that is cause for a lot of awkward and hilarious situations, but forces them to reconnect with each other and with themselves as well. It’s all very simple, a simple plot, a simple concept, but executed in a spellbinding and moving way. The soundtrack is just amazing and awesome, and lifts the series to an even higher level. 

The dialogue is fast and snappy and witty, while the grown-ups are used for slapstick comedy and satire. The editing is sometimes a brilliant aid to this wit, while some scenes are cut too short, leaving a question or remark hanging awkwardly in the air, creating deadpan humor that feels fresh. 

Because it’s a series with few episodes that take only 25 minutes, no time is wasted, but used to the full. But that doesn’t mean it’s rushed. It takes its time to really shape the characters and the story and to build up the comical scenes, to get that great unique vibe. It’s has perfect timing when it comes to the comical scenes, and the pun always hits its mark. By changing the pace according to what the story, scene or character requires, it results in a highly dynamical series that is really entertaining to watch. 

My favorite part

The music is just perfect. It’s dreamy and moving and just captures the atmosphere and style of the story. It’s as original and creative as Ben is. He’s original because he’s authentic and nobody else but ever himself, no matter what others think. It makes him naive but all the more endearing and likable. The chemistry between him and Charley is unmistakable and they both light up the series. But the ending is the most beautiful fairytale ending you could have wished for. It’s all tears and proves that real love never dies. No matter what. 


Rating: ★★★★★

Fun factor: ★★★★★

Originality factor: ★★★★★

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

Cast and crew

My Dead Ex is created by Drew Hancock, Jason Director, Ayla Harrison. It stars Katherine Hughes (Charley), Ryan Lee (Ben), Medalion Rahimi (Wren), Ryan Malaty (Luke), Ryan Alessi (Ten Year Old Ben), Isabella Kai (Ten Year Old Charley), JakobeDempsey (Eleanor), Rickey Eugene Brown (Mason), Alexa Losey (Bethany), Beth Littleford (Laurel) and Matt Braunger (Officer Mitch Maloof).

Music: Joe Wong. Cinematography: Zach Salsman. Edited by: J. Cooper Arbios, Austin Cherry, Eirinn Disbrow. Production company: AwesomenessTV Production. Original network: go90.

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