[TV Review] Legion Season 1 (2017) ★★★★★

Legion is a visually stunning, unique, exceptional series with a mind-blowing story that will amaze you.

Legion is a superhero origin story like no other. It’s a unique concept with an authentic voice. It’s visually stunning and with a mind-blowing clever story. With beautiful and original set designs and art decoration it has created an eccentric style of its own. While the characters are fleshed out in a most distinctive way, the story like the characters evolve in an imaginative and surreal way, that results in a brilliant series.

Legion is phenomenal in every aspect, but is maybe not for everyone. It demands attention, the storytelling feels like literature mixed with an artistic style. But it definitely feels fresh and new. 

This first season consists of 8 episodes with each a duration of 44-68 minutes. It has a continuous storyline where David Haller finds out he’s not a schizophrenic but a mutant. 

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David Haller has struggled all of his life with mental illness. He has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, hears voices, has hallucinations, and has a multiple personality disorder. But at the same time, inexplicable things happen around him. After he has tried to commit suicide he’s now committed in a psychiatric hospital where he meets Sydney Barrett. She doesn’t like to be touched, but the two of them fall in love. 

But the day she is allowed to leave the hospital, something strange happens. His whole world is being turned upside down. He’s told he’s not the person he thinks he is and that he is in fact a powerful mutant. He’s brought to Summerland a safe haven and a training facility for mutants, led by Melanie Bird. He also meets Ptonomy Wallace who can see the memories of people. Cary and Kerry Loudermilk who share one body. He’s a scientist and she’s a fighter. And Sydney Barrett is also a mutant who by touch can switch bodies. 

They are being hunted by Division 3 a government agency, with Clark Debussy as their Interrogator. But the greatest danger is David himself who has more power than he is aware of or can control, and his nightmares about the creepy demon and bed time story character Angry Boy seem to come to life. 

Why you should watch it

Legion is a unique series that excels in every way. It has a unique origin story, that is also told in a very amazing way with an authentic style and voice. It’s an exploration through David’s mind that results in surreal images, creepy events and inexplicable things. Everything you see is questionable; is it all real or just in his mind? With wonderful cinematography it is truly a discovery like no other. Just like David is a mutant like not other. He has the power of telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, time travel and reality warping. 

This surrealism and ingenious images are organically intertwined with the story, therefore giving the viewer at least at a visceral level an explanation even if it’s not possible yet to give a rational one. This might sound a bit complicated, but if you stick with the story that is handed to you and pay attention, it all will make sense in the end. It’s not a series that will hand everything on a clear plate, but encourages to actively watch the story. 

The art design is a retro mix of the sixties and a contemporary style that creates a unique style and atmosphere. Everything looks amazing and is very detailed to create a whole new fresh world of its own. The music fits right in and increases this amazing style. A style that sometimes can be dreamlike, surreal but can quite easily turn into a nightmare. Angry Boy and the Demon bring in some pretty scary scenes, that are truly disturbing. All the more because they emanate from David’s brain. 

Keeping all of this amazing visual intensity together in a coherent way are the characters. Although they can’t keep it together themselves sometimes. Each character is interesting and fleshed out. Although they all have powers, they also have some traumas, and struggles of their own. Cary and Kerry have an intimate but awkward bond. Sydney has some childhood issues and Melanie’s husband Oliver is lost in the astral plane. Then there’s another character Lenny, David’s best friends and she’s a very unreliable character, who serves as a big twist. 

But there’s  also some witty humor. The characters are all very quirky and some events can be quite dark but comical nonetheless. Together with the surrealism, the fresh action scenes, the humor and complicated characters, this series is an unexpected delight and one of the most original stories you’ll ever see, that tells a dynamic, unique and enthralling, well balanced out story. 

My favorite part

I was really amazed by this series. Everything looks so stunning and it’s all very creative and original. The set designs are to drool over and the characters are really something else. This is a series that could be easily turned into a pretentious or artificial story, but it’s anything but. It’s so engaging and intriguing, but fun and very dynamic at the same time. The little trips inside David’s mind are just brilliant and unsettling but so imaginative and created with such awesome cinematography. I just can’t stop praising this series. 


Rating: ★★★★★

Scare factor: ★★★★☆

Surreal factor: ★★★★★

Originality factor: ★★★★★

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

Legion is created by Noah Hawley and based on the Marvel character Legion a.k.a David Charles Haller created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Bill Sienkiewicz in 1985. It stars Dan Stevens (David Haller), Rachel Keller (Sydney Barrett), Aubrey Plaza (Lenny Busker), Bill Irwin (Cary Loudermilk), Jeremie Harris (Ptonomy Wallace), Amber Midthunder (Kerry Loudermilk), Katie Aselton (Amy Haller), Jean Smart (Melanie Bird), Jemaine Clement (Oliver Bird) and Hamish Linklater (Clark Debussy).

Music: Jeff Russo. Cinematography: Dana Gonzales. Production company: 20th Century Fox Television, 26 Keys Productions, Bad Hat Harry Productions, Donner’s Company, FX Productions, Kinberg Genre, Marvel Entertainment, Marvel Television, Walt Disney Television. Original network: FX.

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