[Netflix Review] The Order Season 2 (2020) ★★★★☆

Randall, Hamish, Lilith and Jack in The Order season 2

The Order unleashes more magic, conjures up demons and enjoys itself while doing it. 

The second season of The Order picks up where it left the Knights of Saint Christopher without their memories. With new enemies, new problems, new messes they get themselves into, they must save the world, again, from different enemies and even their own mistakes. 

This season everything is bigger, better, with more fun, the stakes are higher and loyalties are shifting. While everybody is feeling much more comfortable in their own skins, the series is all the better for it. With an exciting and entertaining new story arc, a sort of monster-of-the-week structure and new friends and enemies, the universe of The Order gets bigger. Enjoy the whimsical fun. 

This second season consists of 10 episodes with each a duration of 44-51 minutes. It has a continuous story arc and monster-of-the-week two-parters to bring in more fun, action, magic and exciting new situations. 


Now that The Knights of Saint Christopher, Jack, Hamish, Randall and Lilith have helped the Order stopping Edward Coventry using the book Vade Maecum, they get thanked by the Order by getting their memories wiped. Each of them are constantly guarded by a member of the Order to keep the spell working. But when Alyssa gives them their memories back, they decide to join the Order to infiltrate them and keep them in check. While Vera Stone as the new Grand Magus wants to use the Knights for her own benefit.  

The Order and the Knights have to work together to fight a demon who can bring destruction to the world, take it up against a nature cult-like order of practitioners, and a mysterious new organization, Praxis, that will unleash magic upon the world for everyone to use. 

Why you should watch it

The second season of The Order has taken things things up a notch. Where the first season had to find its voice, its authenticity and its own humorous style, while it created a new fresh world of magic and werewolves, this season has found it all. It feels like the younger sibling of The Magicians, with some whimsical humor, self-made problems, friendship, romance and a lot of magic, but more simple and for a slightly younger and more general audience. 

The structure is clear and fresh and is aimed to entertain, to thrill and to expand the universe of The Order. With a big story arc that is set in motion the first episodes, every monster-of-the-week story is a two-parter with different enemies and problems while the big story arc also continues at the background to surface in the end with a big finale. 

They need to find a rogue practitioner, who does spells to kill people on campus, and is called a “magic tourist”. Then when Jack, Randall, Hamish and Lilith join the Order, they see the benefits of becoming more powerful to protect good magic, but they also want revenge and most of all, they want their stuff back, especially their chests. Then they have to deal with a cult called Prometheus. While their ethics professor Cameron Foley has a surprise up his sleeve. From thereon the big story arc unravels and brings all that had happened together in an epic fight to prevent the Apocalypse. 

Everything has changed this season. New bonds are forged, new enemies surface, new alliances are made and loyalties shift. And everybody has to deal with these changes. Jack and Alyssa are still in love, but things are getting far too complicated. While Jack was under Gabrielle’s spell who even dyed his hair blond and made him love cheerleading, Alyssa is struggling with her magic that seems to be wrong. Hamish gets very comfortable in the Order and with Vera and believes in its cause, while Randall is skeptical and only wants to be a Knight. Meanwhile Lilith has feelings for Nicole who betrayed her, but can’t make things right with her, before she gets sucked into a demon dimension. So getting Lilith back is another big problem they have to deal with. 

Nicole and Gabrielle, the first one being new to the series, have some great new parts to play. Gabrielle stays her annoying but funny self, while Nicole is the opposite and a moral compass struggling to decide who is right and what is right. They bring color to the series in multiple ways, stirring things up for the Knights and the story itself, especially the last two episodes in which both are destined to play even bigger and important parts, in an eventual next season. 

The magical adventures and enemies and problems feel fresh and are cause for a lot of whimsical fun, excitement and epic entertainment. The series really has lifted itself to a higher level of entertainment and authenticity and plays with familiar horror fantasy tropes. We even get a Children of the Corn meets Body Snatchers folk horror episode, a Supernatural worthy demon Rogwan and a cool twist to weave all storylines together. It’s about love, friendship, loyalty, revenge, ethics, morality and a magical end of the world. 

This series had grown and developed into an ever expanding universe with great characters and big adventures. 

My favorite part

I really love Gabrielle. Underneath all that arrogant bitchy and selfish behavior there’s a little girl wanting to fit in and connect to other people. Hell, she even does the right things once in a while, and especially when it matters the most. She stirs things up, is a fresh character that stands out, not overly correct, but funny and trying. And the last two episodes changed her life and will certainly benefit a hopefully third season. She goes through the most changes, character wise, she grows as a person but also undergoes a life changing event. Gabrielle and Nicole counterbalance the problems viewed by the Knights or Vera or Alyssa, keeping it interesting.

Also a very fun and cheesy whimsical gimmick is shown when the council is brought together and we are treated to guest appearances of Ian Ziering and Jason Priestley, which is a hilarious nod for us “old people” who watch The Order with great joy. Sure it was a little bit campy, but I loved it. 


Rating: ★★★★☆

Epic factor: ★★★★☆

Thrill factor: ★★★☆☆

Gruesome factor: ★★★☆☆

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

The Order is created by Dennis Heaton and Shelly Eriksen. It stars Jake Manley (Jack), Sarah Grey (Alyssa), Katharine Isabelle (Vera), Adam DiMarco (Randall), Devery Jacobs (Lilith), Thomas Elms (Hamish), Louriza Tronco (Gabrielle), Anesha Bailey (Nicole) and Matty Finochio (Foley).

Music: Patric Caird. Cinematography: Mark Chow. Production company: Nomadic Pictures. Original network: Netflix.

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