[Netflix Review] Curon Season 1 (2020) ★★☆☆☆

Mauro and Daria in the forest at night in Curon season 1

Curon is a bland mystery that has nothing new to offer.

Curon is an Italian supernatural mystery Netflix Original series. It’s a series that aims at a young adult audience and those who are new to the genre might enjoy it. For those who have seen a lot of supernatural mystery series, this Italian series brings nothing new. It’s rather bland, unoriginal and is hardly gripping or intriguing. There’s no humor added and the series takes itself too serious. Still it’s not a bad series, but if you’re looking for something fresh, you can skip this one. 

This first season consists of 7 episodes with each a duration of 41-50 minutes. It has a continuous storyline in which the mystery unravels. It’s highly recommended to watch the series with its original Italian audio and with subtitles in your own language if possible.


Anna returns after 17 years to her hometown Curon with her two children, the 17 year old twins Mauro and Daria. Something awful had happened 17 years ago and her mother died but Anna doesn’t remember any details. Her father who owns the hotel, that is supposedly cursed, isn’t quite happy with their arrival. And soon both Anna and the twins find out why, when strange things start to happen. When Anna disappears the twins have to unravel the mystery of Curon.

Why you should watch it

First of all, Curon is a young adult series that focuses on Daria and Mauro and their new friends. It’s a coming of age story mixed with the mystery. But both don’t come fully to their right. There’s hardly any character development, although Daria and Mauro are the most fleshed out. The story is predictable and bland and mostly it all plays out at night, so you can hardly see what’s happening. 

While the small love story of Daria and popular girl Micki, seems promising it soon falls flat and is moved to the background. The characters are mere pawns to act out the story instead that the story revolves around them and how they are involved in the mystery.

The mystery itself is shot and told in a very literal way. There’s nothing that connects it to a higher level in the coming of age story nor is it very intriguing. It could have been, but the storytelling is tedious and not gripping at all. Through flashbacks we learn what happened to Anna all those years ago, but although it shows what happened, the  why stays very shallow and doesn’t result into something more meaningful.

It’s a story that could have been great, with an original mythos that is intertwined with a coming of age story with some important themes, but instead it feels like the series underestimated young adults. Both the characters as the viewers. 

Although the acting is fine, they don’t get much to work with. Their reactions to some shocking or scary events are easily dealt with, just to move on to the next thing to do. It deals with two families, a family of Austrian descent and of Italian descent. 

The horror is hardly there. Although the lake rises some horror, it often feels too harsh and crude compared to the rest of the narrative. It doesn’t blend in that well and the why of the mystery is never explained. Some other side storylines are addressed like the Austrian and Italian border on which the town is build and the legend of the wolves that have two sides in them, and the so-called curse, and even religion, but never fully explored. They don’t really fit into the story, and are just mere facts, that are just there. 

It’s not a bad series, but just not that gripping or intriguing. It will speak to a young adult audience that is new to the genre and don’t yet require more of a series. 

My favorite part

I would have liked to know more about the bonfire and the man with the devil’s mask and how it relates to the legend of the lake. There must be a great legend behind it, full of folklore and it could have even dived into folk horror for a young adult audience. 

I also like that Daria fell for Micki but sadly there wasn’t more development in their relationship. But all relationships in the series felt too superficial and matter of fact thrown into the story to make it somewhat more interesting or give the characters some depth. 

But I’m afraid I must say that my mind wandered off far to much while watching and it didn’t manage to hold my attention. I didn’t really care for the characters or even the mystery itself. 


Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Scare factor: ★☆☆☆☆

Entertainment factor: ★★☆☆☆

Cast and crew

Curon is created by Ezio Abbare, Ivano Fachin. Giovanni Galassi, and Tommaso Matano. It stars Valeria Bilello (Anna), Margherita Morchio (Daria), Federico Russo (Mauro), Juju Di Domenico (Micki), Giulio Brizzi (Giulio), Luca Castellano (Lucas), Luca Lionello (Thomas), Alessandro Tedeschi (Albert) and Anna Ferzetti (Klara).

Music: Giorgio Giampà, Ginevra Nervi, Carmelo Emanuele Patti. Cinematography: Benjamin Maier. Production company: Indiana Production. Original network: Netflix. 

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