[Netflix Review] Santa Clarita Diet Season 3 (2019) ★★★★★

Sheila and Joel in Santa Clarita Diet season 3

Santa Clarita Diet prepares for its last supper with delicious enthusiastic appetite. 

The third season of Santa Clarita Diet will sadly be its last. Even with a superb cliffhanger, and a brilliant new storyline. Fortunately we have one more season with absurdly funny characters, hilarious awkward events and a marvelous mythology to explore. 

It’s full of delightful characters, a heartwarming family that struggles with the most bizarre problems and with a much lighthearted and freshly spirited atmosphere. It reaches an even higher level at comedy and mythology than the previous two seasons, making it even more entertaining and special. It’s a quirky series with its own unique voice that is cancelled way too soon.

This third season consists of 10 episodes with each a duration of 26-35 minutes. It has a continuous storyline that explores the undead mythos much further while the problems are piling up for the Hammonds. 


After they wanted to bury Gary’s head at his own request, they were caught by Anne. But instead of arresting them she thinks they are instruments of god who get rid of evil people. And she is more than willing to help, being an expert in covering up murder. But she’s so excited she can’t keep the secret all for herself and tells her church group. 

Meanwhile Sheila meets an older lady who wants to be an undead herself to see her grandchild being born. That makes Sheila think; she will live forever while Joel will die. So should he become an undead too, so they can be together forever? 

And want about Abby? Well, she wanted to stop a fracking site and blew it up with Eric, causing Anne to believe this a sign of the holy mission of Sheila and Joel. But now they are wanted by the FBI.

One who certainly wants to be an undead is Ron, who figured out their secret and gets himself bitten by the head of Gary who was put back in the basement. Now Ron is an undead too, and a bit out of control and too enthusiastic.

But the Knights of Serbia are also back. Joel wants to be a Knight to protect Sheila. While the Cult of Sheila also rises to protect her.

Why you should watch it

A lot is coming the Hammonds way this time. They have a lot to process, to deal with and to keep under control, without being caught or killed. It certainly turns things up a notch or two. 

It’s a great storyline that weaves all the different crazy characters, the bizarre situations and hilarious developments together. But the Hammonds and Eric strongly stay at the core of the series as the big heart. Therein lies the strength of the series. How crazy or absurd it gets, the lovable characters keep it real and fun at the same time. 

There’s more focus on the story and character development, while the universe grows into an enthralling mythology. The addition of multiple characters, like Ron and Jean, Anne and Tommy are absolutely wonderful. They stir things up, create some chaos and set out new storylines. 

The personal relationships of both Sheila and Joel and Abby and Eric become more meaningful but also more complex. Abby’s part keeps growing, while she herself as a teenager develops and grows. Which keeps things interesting at a more personal level too. This makes up for the kills which are fewer in numbers, but nonetheless really funny. 

It’s too bad that while the series is expanding its story arc into something much bigger, we didn’t get to experience it any further. It was a great buildup for a next season where things really should have gone bigger and where the stakes got higher and the mythos behind it grew into something even more unique. 

My favorite part

This season is so well balanced out and all the characters come together in a fresh original storyline that the whole season is outstanding. But the final episodes are the best. It’s when everything and everyone comes together in an epic fight that promises so much fun. The Cult of Sheila is a brilliant invention that would have caused a lot of hilarious fun but we only got a glimpse of it. Luckily Ron had a big part to entertain with his weirdness and he really adds to the absurd fun of the series. But so does everyone. 

It was a great unique series with a wonderful cast who reveled in their lovely quirky characters and crazy situations. And it only makes us long for more. It was a great adventure in zombiness and undead fun that was cut too short. 


Rating: ★★★★★

Fun factor: ★★★★★

Gore factor: ★★★★☆

Originality factor: ★★★★★

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

Santa Clarita Diet is created by Victor Fresco. It stars Drew Barrymore (Sheila Hammond), Timothy Olyphant (Joel Hammond), Liv Hewson (Abby Hammond), Skyler Gisondo (Eric Bemis), Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Lisa Palmer) Alan Tudyk (Gary West), Natalie Morales (Anne Garcia), Jonathan Slavin (Ron), Ethan Suplee (Tommy) and Linda Lavin (Jean).

Music: Jeff Russo. Cinematography: Paul Maibaum. Production companies: Kapital Entertainment, Katco, Flower Films, Garfield Grove, Olybomb Entertainment. Original Network: Netflix.

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