[Movie Review] Night of the Comet (1984) ★★★☆☆

Reggie and Sam sitting on the hood of a police car in Night of the Comet 1984

Night of the Comet is a refreshing eighties sci-fi comedy with great spunk and fun.

Night of the Comet is a science fiction post-apocalyptic horror comedy with two kick ass girls in the lead. Two spunky Valley Girls have to take it up against zombie-like cannibals and evil scientists. With a lot fun and action, these high-spirited girls just know how to survive an apocalypse. Although it does not excel in any particular part, it’s a very entertaining film that shows girls can be action heroes too, and they even do it with style and fun. 


The earth is passing through the tail of a comet and everybody wants to see it. Except 18 year old Reggie who spends the night with her boyfriend Larry and her younger sister Sam who got into a fight with their stepmother and spent the night in the garage. Luckily they did so, because after the event has passed, only clothes and red dust is left of all the people and a red gloom colors the sky. 

But that’s not all. Some people have survived and are turning into cannibal-zombies and are out to get them. And so are a few scientists in a nearby facility who for a very sinister reason want to collect all the healthy survivors. Reggie and Sam have to buckle up and fight everything that’s coming at them. They do it with style, spunk and with the help of the charming Hector.  

Why you should watch it

Night of the Comet is a very fun and entertaining film with two strong female protagonists who know how to deal with bad men. Reggie is a kick ass girl who can fight, jumps on a motorcycle, handles all kinds of guns, is clever and brave and pretty too. Sam is a bit less on the fighting, does well with a gun, but throwing shoes at the bad guys can be very effective too to help Reg. It’s just plain girl power fun. Their little team is complemented by Hector a truck driver who also survived and is turning into Reggie’s love interest. All three of them make a great team to fight the baddies and survive. 

And there are dealing with different kind of baddies. Zombies who can talk and function normally except for eating human flesh. They can even fight and shoot guns, which results in a shoot- and throw-out at a department store. In gala dresses nonetheless. But there are some hidden scientists too who have barely survived but now have their own sinister schemes. It might not all be too believable and logical, but entertaining it sure is. 

The cunningness of Reggie and the braveness of Sam are a delight to watch. They make the film a big success and the two sisters really know how to charm and to fight. Although the story isn’t that exceptional, the characters of both sisters and Hector light up the film. Their behavior, their cunning plans and the way they act is what makes this film awesome. For example what do you do when everyone is gone? You go on a free shopping spree, but not unprepared. But this time they don’t need a credit card, but guns. 

The fun part is that the film is shot with female action heroes in mind, so the action sequences are feminine and kick ass as well. It’s refreshing and different but still cool and tough. Fun fact is that Joss Whedon based his character Buffy Summers on Sam, and that’s not hard to understand for they both are spunky, fresh and sparkling characters. 

It’s fun, entertaining, quirky and fresh and shot with a red coloring that creates a post-apocalyptic B-movie atmosphere that works really well. It’s good humored with tongue-in-cheek fun without ever becoming cheesy, while the characters are believable and highly lovable. 

Watching it now is a great throwback to the eighties with many eighties music and songs that still are very familiar, like ‘Girls just wanna have fun’ and indeed they did. 

My favorite part

Although Reggie and Sam steal the show, Hector knows how to handle himself too. He’s a fine fun character that really suits Reggie in a fun way. Although Reggie can manage herself, Hector and Sam go and rescue her from the evil clutches of the scientists and Hector even adds a bit of fireworks. It’s a beginning of a great ending that is a real tongue-in-cheek party. Who else but Reggie, Sam and Hector with their newly adopted kids can make the best out of a post-apocalyptic world. 


Rating: ★★★☆☆

Entertainment factor: ★★★★☆

Cast and crew

Night of the Comet is directed and written by Thom Eberhardt. It stars Catherine Mary Stewart (Reggie), Kelli Maroney (Sam) and Robert Beltran (Hector).

Duration: 95 minutes. Music: David Richard Campbell. Cinematography: Arthur Albert. Edited by: Fred Stafford. Produced by: Andrew Lane, Wayne Crawford. Production companies: Thomas Coleman and Michael Rosenblatt Productions, Film Development Fund. Distributed by: Atlantic Releasing Corporation. 

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