[Netflix Review] Santa Clarita Diet Season 2 (2018) ★★★★★

Joel, Sheila and Ramona looking at Mr Ball Legs in Santa Clarita Diet season 2

Santa Clarita Diet sets its teeth in a bloody messy gory hilarious fun second season.

The second season of Santa Clarita Diet is going to be even more hilarious, absurd and so much fun, while the mythology behind the undead-zombie state of Sheila gets bigger and the Hammonds get themselves into more trouble than ever. They haven’t only killed criminals for Sheila to eat, but Joel has killed neighbor cop Dan who got too close and Sheila killed fellow real estate agent Gary who got too close to her, as in loose hands and she killed him. 

While they also discovered and old Serbian book that might give some answers to Sheila’s zombiefication, Sheila goes feral, Joel is locked up in an asylum and Ramona also proved to be a zombie. So there’s a lot to work with this second season, which is going to be a bloody gory ride.

The second season consists of 10 episodes with each a duration of 30 minutes. It’s a continuous story but each episode has its own problems to solve while they have to act like a normal suburban family.


When Joel escaped from the asylum and made a weird friend/stalker Ron, Sheila was locked up in the basement by Eric and Abby. Now it’s paramount to find Serbian bile in order to make a cure. In the meantime they have hired a storage unit to store all the meat in a freezer. 

They find out that Ramona is a zombie too, who seduced Eric, and that she has a weird ball thing Mr Ball Legs which she threw up when she became a zombie and Sheila has one too. They find out that there are even more undead walking around craving for fresh meat and they all have a restaurant Japopo’s in common where they ate clams. 

But normal life continues too, with Abby having problems at school, Sheila and Joel struggle with a competitive real estate agents couple and after killing Gary, they are stuck with his talking head in the basement. 

To make life even more complicated a mysterious couple also investigates the undead zombies and they are coming after Sheila.

Why you should watch it

This season it gets even funnier and better. The Santa Clarita Diet universe expands big time and is cause for a lot of mystery and fun, new characters, new problems and a lot of hilarious situations. The humor continues in the same way, but with new situations and characters it gets all the more absurd and complicated. 

Abby’s share in the story gets much bigger and she is a wonderful character who is played by Liv Hewson in a charming and fierce way. Her relationship with her parents and with Eric evolves into a more meaningful way. She is a real asset to Sheila and Joel and to the series, but brings also a lot more additional problems, which they don’t need. 

New characters like Gary’s head and Anne, new girlfriend of Lisa, Eric’s mom, and also a nosey cop, brings in new dangers and fun to the story. But the mythology gets more interesting and creates whole new storylines resulting in a series that’s more than just serving up hilarious zombie laughs.

The kills, now take place in the special killroom, the storage unit completely covered with plastic where they lure the bad people to kill, chop up in pieces and put in the freezer, are again very enjoyable and pure comical fun. Add to this the neo-nazi softball team, Sheila can feast upon and you know it’s going to be bloody, gore and gross.

But Joel has his own mission, gathering information about Japopo’s and that leads him to a clam farm. And they find out there are more undead-zombies like Sheila. Now Joel has to track them down to make sure they don’t kill innocent people. Or he has to kill them. Well that results in some crazy bizarre hilarious scenes. And the worst part is that Ramona seduced Eric because she wants what Sheila and Joel have. Sheila and Joel maybe great life partners, but not exactly the best example for Abby. 

This new season delivers even more of everything, although the gore is a bit toned down, making place for character development, the mythology and new elements to push the story forwards into unknown territory creating a far above average zomedy, that is of excellent quality. 

My favorite part

Mr Ball Legs is so amazingly creative and really funny, how did they come up with that! Gary’s head is exceptionally funny. And dumb but relentless Anne brings in some flavor. 

It’s suffice to say that this second season is outstanding horror comedy. Abby’s part gets bigger and she is such a great character that counterbalances Sheila’s and Joel’s hilarious campy blunders. But don’t cross out Eric, he’s a great character too and together with Abby they sometimes are more grown up than the parents, though Abby hasn’t lost her rebellious streaks. Now the interactions of all the cast is superbly funny while they each revel in their own crazy characters, which makes it even more fun to watch. 


Rating: ★★★★★

Fun factor: ★★★★★

Gore factor: ★★★★☆

Originality factor: ★★★★★

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

Santa Clarita Diet is created by Victor Fresco. It stars Drew Barrymore (Sheila Hammond), Timothy Olyphant (Joel Hammond), Liv Hewson (Abby Hammond), Skyler Gisondo (Eric Bemis), Mary Elizabeth Ellis (Lisa Palmer) Nathan Fillion (Gary West), Natalie Morales (Anne Garcia) and Jonathan Slavin (Ron).

Music: Jeff Russo. Cinematography: Paul Maibaum. Production companies: Kapital Entertainment, Katco, Flower Films, Garfield Grove, Olybomb Entertainment. Original Network: Netflix.

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