Who is the Killer in Scream Queens Season 2

Green Meanie Scream Queens season 2

This second season is even more hilarious than the first season, but now the Red Devil is defeated a new killer arises: The Green Meanie. But who hides behind this amazing Halloween costume?

The Setting

After the Chanels were locked up in the Palmer Asylum for the Insane, Zayday and Grace became presidents of Kappa Kappa Tau with Hester as their assistant. Dean Munsch wrote a book about new new feminism, and Denise and Chad fell in love. But it didn’t end well. 

Dean Cathy Munsch bought a hospital C.U.R.E to cure the incurable. She hired the best doctors, Dr Cassidy Cascade and Dr Brock Holt to find cures. Denise Hemphill elicited a confession from Hester who was put behind bars which freed the Chanels who are now disowned and have to work for money. Grace went mad and was put in an asylum while Zayday is a medical student. Dean Munsch gets the whole gang together to make a success out of the hospital.

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The Characters

Dean Munsch, Chanel, Chanel No.3, Chanel No.5, Zayday, Denise and Hester all join the hospital gang. New are Dr Brock, Dr Cassidy, Nurse Hoffel and Chamberlain who spreads candy and joy. 

The Green Meanie

And of course there’s a new killer: The Green Meanie, dressed in a monstrous green Halloween costume with horns, he roams the halls. But he has killed before. In 1985 the doctors and nurses celebrated Halloween in the hospital which caused the death of a patient while his wife Jane Hollis was pregnant. Dr Mike dressed up as the Green Meanie and nurse Thomas decided to cover up his death and threw him in the toxic swamp. 

Next Halloween a person dressed up as the Green Meanie slaughters the hospital personnel and the hospital closed for 20 years. And now it has reopened and also the Green Meanie puts on his suit again. Maybe this time it’s the baby in the belly, but whom is this bay grown into?

Let the killings begin

The Green Meanie aims his deadly assaults first on the patients. 

  • Death no.1: Werewolf syndrome patient Catherine is locked in a bathtub and decapitated with a machete. 
  • Death no.2: Patient Tyler suffering from Neurofibromatosis is killed with a medical laser and his throat is sliced with a scalpel. 
  • Death no.3: Patient Randal diagnosed with jumping Frenchmen of Maine, is slashed to death with a hand scythe. 
  • Death no.4: Patient Sheila was diagnosed with Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder and got herself sliced and decapitated by a hand scythe with Zayday and Chamberlain standing next to her.
  • Death no.5: Chad returns to Chanel and when they are about to get married he falls through the roof; he’s dead.
  • Death no.6: Denise gets electrocuted but Dean Munsch puts her in the cryogenic tank.
  • Death no.7+++++: Time for Halloween and a butcher party where the Green Meanie slaughters many already poisoned patients. 
  • Death no.8+: New recruit Chanel Pour Homme/Tristan is cut in half.
  • Death no.9+: New recruit Chanel No.11/Midge is stabbed in the stomach with machetes.
  • Death no.10+: New recruit Chanel No.9/Addison gets drained of all of her blood.
  • Death no.11+: New recruit Chanel No.10/Andrea is strangled to death with the phone wire.
  • Death no.12+: Journalist Slade Hornborn is impaled through the head with a machete.
  • Death no.13+: Chamberlain helps out Zayday but is stabbed with a kitchen knife. 
  • Death no.14+: New recruit Chanel No.7/Marguerite is hanged. 
  • Death no.15+: Dr Scarlett Lovin a doctor with her own personality tv show drinks poisoned coffee. 

The Suspects

The usual suspect of course is Hester, although she helps the sleuthing team in exchange for more freedom. But more freedom leaves more room to kill. Also Brock and Cassidy are on the suspects list as is Chamberlain. But Nurse Hoffel seems to hate the Chanels as well. 

The Killer unmasked

The real killer must be the baby in the belly, right? That proves to be Cassidy! He is raised by his mother Jane Hollis with revenge on his mind. And it began in the family while the first massacre killer at the Halloween party was Jane’s brother. 

But when Nurse Hoffel finds out Cassidy is the killer, she wants in. She is none other than Ms Bean’s sister! And she also craves revenge.

But she’s not the only one who wants to take revenge on the Chanels because after Grace went mad Wes blames them. So he’s back as well.

So we are again dealing with a former baby filled with revenge and three killers. And at a Green Meanie summit it is revealed who killed who. The one with the best score has the privilege to kill Chanel. 

First up is Cassidy. He killed Catherine, Tyler, Randal, Tristan, Midge, Addison and the whole Halloween party.

Next is Nurse Hoffel. She killed Addison, Andrea and Slade. 

Last is Wes. He killed Sheila, Chad, Denise (or thinks he did), Chamberlain, Marguerite and Dr Lovin and poisoned the Halloween party.

It looks like it’s a draw between Cassidy and Wes. But they try to betray each other, making secret pacts. So Nurse Hoffel and Cassidy kill Wes by throwing him in a hot oil bath. But then Jane Hollis shows up wanting Cassidy to kill Chanel No.3. He refuses and Nurse Hoffel kills Jane and locks everybody up in the basement with a bomb. But then Denise awakens and saves the day, defuses the bomb and sets everybody free. While Nurse Hoffel wants to shoot Chanel No.3 Cassidy scarifies himself to save her. Nurse Hoffel flees, but ends up in quick sand and drowns. 

How about Dean Munsch’s incurable disease?

She founded he hospital in the first place to cure herself. It is first thought that she has Kuru, as disease caused by eating a dead man’s brain in Guinea. But after a biopsy of her brain tissue she just suffered from extreme dehydration due to the whisky drinking instead of water. And the brains she ate? Those came from a sheep and not a human being. 

And finally

So Dean Munsch can live happily ever after and now teaches sex courses for women over 50. Zayday and Chanel No.5 run the hospital together. Chanel has taken over Dr Lovin’s tv show and Chanel No.3 is the executive producer. Hester and Brock stole Dean Munsch’s inheritance that Chad left her and they now have bought Blood Island to murder all the tourists. While Denise has become what she always wanted a special agent and a hero. So everybody is happy, except for Grace and everybody who got killed. 

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