[TV Review] Supernatural Season 5 (2009) ★★★★★

Sam and Dean captured Gabriel with holy fire in Supernatural season 5

Supernatural turns into an epic battle between good and evil and destiny. 

The fifth season of Supernatural expands its universe by turning the story arc into a real epic event. It’s not just about hunting things and saving people anymore, but about destiny, to determine ones one fate, and saving the world. Sam and Dean themselves are becoming epic and it’s their own story now. With the addition of new characters, good and bad, things are getting more interesting, are spiced up and the humor gets leveled up as well. This series gets better and better each season and it will be a hell of a ride. 

This fifth season consists of 22 episodes with each a duration of 44 minutes. It has a bigger story arc that evolves around Sam and Dean while the monster-of-the-week episodes also remain important elements. 


After Sam is tricked into freeing Lucifer from his cage in hell, Sam and Dean are miraculously rescued and find themselves in an airplane. Cass also is saved en when they reunite they must find a way to defeat Lucifer before the Apocalypse is set in motion. 

First they have to locate a weapon, the Sword of Michael, but they’ll soon find out that the weapon is in fact Dean and that he is destined to act as the vessel for Michael, while Sam is supposed to be Lucifer’s vessel. 

Determined to not become the pawns in a malignant game that will destroy all mankind they have to find a solution. But where is God in all of this? 

Why you should watch it

While the storyline of Sam and Dean becomes more epic making it a matter of heaven or hell, Cass and Bobby also become bigger players. While they both are crucial elements to the story and the epic fight, they both also bring in some great humor. Both brooding figures, but each in their own way.

Bobby becomes even more grumpy when he is confined to a wheelchair, while Cass needs to find God for his important existential questions. But also spending more time with Sam and Dean, Cass learns how it is to be human, but implements his newly acquired knowledge in just the slightest odd ways, that result in very comical situations. 

But the new character that brings in even more fun and stirs things up quite a bit is the demon Crowley. The King of the Crossroads demons and a pansexual demon who’s in it for the power and also fancies Dean a bit. He’s smart, clever and has some real fun sardonic and dark humor. He’s sarcastic and patient and charming at the same time. And surprisingly he is helping Sam and Dean if it suits him, because who needs an Apocalypse if he’s doing quite well and is having a very good time here on earth with the silly stupid humans. 

The theme of this season is all about Sam and Dean’s destiny and the Apocalypse. It suits the brothers quite well, being two sides of one coin, although not that opposite and good versus evil as Lucifer and Michael. But still, Sam is somewhat more prone to slide to the dark side, while Dean has been nothing but a good obeying son to his father whom he followed blindly. This is also shown very painfully in an episode where they end up in heaven and where they each relive their finest memories. While Dean has fond memories of their family, he isn’t even present in Sam’s best memories. 

But despite their differences they have to stop the Apocalypse and defeat the Four Horsemen, War, Famine, Pestilence and Death. But they also have to fight angels and even Archangels who also want the Apocalypse to break loose, because they think they’ll win and don’t care if humanity will be destroyed. 

There are somewhat less single monster-of-the-week episodes, while the series bigger story arc becomes more important. The universe and mythology becomes bigger and evolves into a much bigger story than just hunting things and saving people. Now it’s suddenly about saving mankind. But don’t think the pace is slowing down, because there’s much more at stake and there’s much more to do. There’s a lot going on and it’s going to be a packed season that still takes the time to tell each episode in a very pleasant enthralling way. 

Luckily there are enough ghosts and monsters that are small breaks from the pending Apocalypse. And there is a lot more room for humor, that gets better and better due to the bigger cast and the added characters who are evolving. Also new is sheriff Jody Mills who lives in Bobby’s town and she is caught up in their supernatural affairs but they can count on her to become a great ally. 

Unfortunately we also have to deal with a devastating start as we lose Jo and Ellen and while they might be the first friends Sam and Dean have lost, they won’t be the last. 

But some old frenemies also show up like Anna and The Trickster, who is always in for some good times. Sam and Dean also find themselves at a Supernatural convention, where Chuck and his books have created a real fanbase and they meet some crazy fans, like Becky. They go undercover in an asylum to haunt down a poltergeist. Teenager Gary switches bodies with Sam. They meet Cupid who is a big naked man who likes to hug. They have to take it up with a pagan god called Leshii and they encounter the Antichrist who is just a little boy. And they reunite with their half brother Adam again.

It’s a great season that expands the universe of Supernatural and turns it into something epic that is really smart and entertaining. 

My favorite part

There are a lot of fun episodes that give us a break from the Apocalyptic threat. In a game of magical poker Dean tries to gain life for Bobby, only losing some life of his own, turning him in an even older and grumpier man than Bobby. 

Also The Trickster plays the best tricks on Sam and Dean turning them into tv shows like Grey’s Anatomy, a game show, a sitcom, CSI, and Sam even becomes Kitt. And we meet him again in a motel full of other old gods who are at a convention trying to stop the Apocalypse. And the real identity of the Trickster is revealed while he has one last trick up his sleeve.

This time the motel/hotel gimmick is taking it to the next level. Because at an other hotel there’s a Supernatural convention where all the visitors are cosplaying as Sam and Dean or Bobby. It’s too funny. 

But the episode when Sam and Dean get shot dead, for real by two other hunters, they end up in heaven and this results in some eye-opening and dramatic twists and turns. 

Finally I really love love Cass, especially when Dean time travels to the future and he’s gone all hippie, but he gets some serious competition right now, because Crowley is a big contender of being a very lovable character. He is just what the series needs to spice things up. And of course Death is a very elusive figure that fits well into this universe that expands into epic proportions. 


Rating: ★★★★★

Epic factor: ★★★★★

Scare factor: ★★★☆☆

Gruesome factor: ★★★☆☆

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

Supernatural is created by Erik Kripke. It stars Jared Padalecki (Sam), Jensen Ackles (Dean), Jim Beaver (Bobby), Misha Collins (Castiel), Mark Sheppard (Crowley), Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), Rob Benedict (Chuck), Kim Rhodes (Jody), Richard Speight Jr. (The Trickster) Julie McNiven (Anna), Samantha Ferris (Ellen), Alona Tal (Jo), and Steven Williams (Rufus Turner).

Music: Christopher Lennertz, Jay Gruska. Cinematography: Serge Ladouceur. Production company: Kripke Enterprises, Warner Bros. Television, Wonderland Sound and Vision, Supernatural Films. Original Network: The CW.

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