[TV Review] Stan Against Evil Season 3 (2018) ★★★★★

Stan, Evie and Leon and the FBI in Claire's sowing room in Stan Against Evil season 3

Stan Against Evil unleashes more foul demons and hilarious fun before the epic ending is upon us.

The third and final season of Stan Against Evil goes out with a bang, but not before we had a hell of a time. It’s a rollercoaster of the weirdest and bizarre events that Stan and Evie and their team have to face. It’s fun, full of action, grumpiness and strange behavior. New demons rise up to stop them from breaking the curse. Turning this season into the best season that will be an emotional ride towards the ending. 

This third season consists of 8 episodes with each a duration of 21 minutes. It has a continuous bigger storyline and a demon/monster/witch-of-the-week structure that delivers great fun, but is also working towards a tragic ending. 


After Stan went back in time to save his wife Claire from dying, something terrible and drastically changed in the present. So Evie also went back in time to save Stan, and to let things take its natural course as it was supposed to happen. But because Claire still died of a heart attack and not by the hands of the demon witch, she didn’t get to cut the last cursed flower. And Stan and Evie also forgot, or did they? 

So when they return to the present, it looks like the apocalypse has taken place and that the dead finally claimed the land of the living. Eccles’ cabin is destroyed and so is half  of Willard’s Mill. Luckily Leon is still alive but Evie is attacked by a mummified thing. She kills it, only to discover she was hallucinating and she unintentionally killed Stan. She is locked up in the hospital only to get attacked again by this monster. 

Meanwhile Stan is lying dead in the morgue and gets an offer from Gerard DuQuette. Stan has to believe in Evie, that she did destroy all the flowers and Evie has to see Stan instead of the mummy thingy. They manage to break the curse and everything is back to normal.

Well, normal, they still have to lift the biggest curse and to defeat Thaddeus Eccles and to free the 172 imprisoned souls. So let’s get on with it. 

Why you should watch it

It’s a rollercoaster of events. They stumble from one bizarre adventure into another weird situation. Stan still is a bit grumpy, and doesn’t loose his fun offensive remarks, but also manages to grow as a person. So does everyone. They team up more than ever and even Kevin is now a member of the group. They each keep faithful to their weird characters without ever becoming caricatures. 

The pace is fast, the humor is snappy and the situations are hilarious as ever, maybe even more so. Spoofs, odes and references to other horror films and series are also present making it even more fun to watch. The X-Files gets it, as does Weekend at Bernies and The Vampire Diaries.

But the characters with their own special personal behavior add to the many humorous situations. Stan with his comments, Evie reads a magazine called Bored Female Sheriffs. Denise is on fire. And Kevin and Leon are battling who is the thickest. 

They get to deal with an alternate reality. The deaths of all the members of The Black Hat Society, all descendants of a real witch coven in 1672 which is caused by summoning Haurus/Kumbhakarna, a creepy-ass demon. A demon Stan wants to use to defeat Eccles, but if that’s such a good idea, has to be seen. 

Evie buys a very strange toadstool with a moth on it which comes to life and turns Kenny her ex into Mothra. Who than battles Lenny the towns-fool who brightens up birthday parties in his gorilla suit, turning it into a battle of Mothra versus Godzilla.

Stan befriends a plumber who proves to be a demon and Stan gets himself into trouble. But not the kind of trouble they all get into when Nubbins, puppets from a tv show, come to life and attack them. While they all hold up at Kevin’s house and Stan goes blind turning into Rutger Hauer’s character in Blind Fury. 

While Evie and Denise swoon way at a vampire tv show, Vampire Creek, they get sucked into that reality and are turned into vampires themselves. The rescue party consisting of Stan relying on Leon and Kevin is nothing but trouble. 

But it does get a little dark when Stan falls into a coma and is visited by Gerard DuQuette who urges him to let Haurus in to defeat Eccles. In a very surreal episode Stan realizes that just like Claire he has to sacrifice himself in order to save the ones he loves. It ends tragically, told by an old Evie to a reporter.

We also come to the core of Stan himself, a broken man, egotistical, rude, especially to women and everybody else, but also a man who sacrifices everything to save his loved ones. His friendship with Evie meant everything to him and therein lies also the core and the heart of the series. Although the ending seems to be in full circle, Evie ends by saying: ‘and that was just the beginning.’ 

Unfortunately we’ll never know what it was that just had begun. The series is cancelled after three wonderful seasons. It was an amazing bizarre ride, with lots of over the top humor, campy fun and dark humor, but with a very big heart. 

My favorite part

I really liked the episode with the Nubbins. Those scary crazy dolls caused a lot of fun and the fact that the whole team was trapped in Kevin’s house made it even better. It’s really an epic episode. Everybody working together was a joy to watch and could have been a big promise for a fourth season, when they joined forces to bring back Stan. 

Also the horror bits, the creepy Haurus was cause for a lot more creepy scenes and spiced up the horror. Haurus was well-made and a well-thought new storyline that changed things for Stan. 

And Mothra and Godzilla fighting in a mini Willard’s Mill on the town square was too hilarious and campy. As was the vampire romance, and particularly the bit with the rope and the mirror. You see it coming from miles away, but it still is too funny. 

Honestly, I liked everything about this season. It just got better and better, the characters, the storylines, it all leveled up and came together in a meaningful and exciting way. It’s so sad they had to end it. I miss them already. 


Rating: ★★★★★

Fun factor: ★★★★★

Gore factor: ★★★☆☆

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

Stan Against Evil is created by Dana Gould. It stars John C. McGinley (Stan), Janet Varney (Evie), Deborah Baker Jr (Denise), Nate Mooney (Leon) and Dana Gould (Kevin).

Music: Eban Schletter. Cinematography: Timothy A. Burton. Original network: IFC.

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