[TV Review] Z Nation Season 5 (2018) ★★★★☆

George, Murphy, Doc and Warren in club Limbo in Z Nation season 5

Z Nation will bring a Newpocalypse, Newmeria and deliverance and a lot of zombies.

The fifth and final season of Z Nation will answer the question if Warren will ever succeed in her mission to make sure that Murphy is used for a cure. But before that question can be answered she and her team have a lot more zombies to kill, humans to save while the fall out of the Black Rainbow causes all kinds of new problems, beginning with the Newpocalypse.

Besides a lot of humor, action and zombies this season has also more serious issues to address and it works towards an ending that isn’t so much epic but a new beginning. 

This fifth season consists of 13 episodes with each a duration of 44 minutes. It has a big story arc that works towards a big finale while Warren and her team have to go on side missions to make sure the end will be a happy one. 


After Roberta Warren has taken off with the little plane, 10K, Doc, Sarge and a couple of other survivors set out to Newmerica. Meanwhile Murphy wants to look for Warren and finds her at a farm with Cooper whom she started a new life with. But when Murphy finds her they decide to join the others in Newmerica and arrive at Altura where they also are reunited with Sun Mei and Red and Citizen Z and Kaya with her granny and uncle and of course baby JZ. And while taking on new side missions they also are reunited with Addy again. 

Altura is the main outpost of Newmerica and Warren also is reunited with George a young woman she saved during the Black Summer and who now is in charge of Pacifica another outpost at a university. She wants to reinstate democracy but that proves to be not that easy. 

Also something strange is going on with new zombies. When people die they turn into Talkers, undead but still the same humans and stay that way by eating special cookies, Bizkits. 

So there are a few mysteries to be solved, new bumps on the road to overcome and a vaccine has still to be developed before Newmerica is a fact.

Why you should watch it

This season has one big story arc about building a new society and the problems they encounter while realizing a new democracy and preventing a dictatorship by Roman Estes, CEO of Altura and his mysterious assistant Pandora. 

This new and last mission is therefore a political one and doesn’t involve traveling through America. It’s about helping George an her second in command Dante, and the Talkers who want to be treated equally like humans and finding out what the secret ingredient is that makes the Bizkits so special. 

And of course tracking down Murphy who again, has chosen his own path and now has established a club called Limbo where Blenders and Talkers have their own safe haven. And Murphy is red now, by the way. Meanwhile in Altura Sun Mei is working on a vaccine.

This season works visibly towards an ending. Although there is a lot of action, all different kinds of zombies, real ones still exist too, there is a bit less hilarious humor. The humor isn’t that over the top anymore, but some episodes have some great fun.

Doc is an amazing badass with his two hammers as weapons and he also meets Kuru again helping her tribe by going into a trance and astral projecting himself in a Spirit Walk which is cause for a lot of great laughs. And a cyborg Talker at a dumping ground delivers some great action packed fun. But also the Hackers family is a great episode as is the encounter with a bakers family that bakes Bizkits. 

Also the zombie ball rolls by and now the zombie tourists have arrived all the way from Florida. The kills are fun and graphic and over the top as usual.

But the overall theme is more serious than ever. It’s about inclusiveness, human rights and ideological ideas. Because when you get a chance to start over, you can do it right this time. Still the balance between this social issues, more serious themes and action and fun is well-kept. 

The ending is epic on one side, but also has a sort of open ending. That is because the democracy is installed, a vaccine is found and now it’s up to a new society to make the best of it. So the ending is in fact a new beginning and they have Operation Bitemark to thank for. 

My favorite part

George is a nice new addition to the series and Warren can finally hand over and share some responsibility. The way this season starts out with a relaxed and happy Warren, also ends that way, giving her finally some peace and happiness. Well, she deserved it, she and her team have saved the world. The end speech is therefore a well-deserved praise to Operation Bitemark and the creators of the shows. 

But before we have to say goodbye, (you may cry a bit), there are some great fun episodes to enjoy. I liked the cyborg Talker episode. It was a true boss in a video game that had to be defeated in order to progress. It was a nice and original little mission that spiced things up a bit. As did the bakers family and their cookies while they were turned zombies themselves. And the hacker facility and the killing drones, that was a nice zombie killing twist. Doc’s Spirit Walk was too funny and it was nice to see some old friends. 

But the best part was that we finally saw a lot more of Kaya and her family. She is kick ass and smart and brave and a really cool woman, hacker and mom. It was nail biting thrilling when granny and the baby had to hide from zombies and Citizen Z and Kaya had to find them. And the hacking inside the vending machine was real fun.

The new setting at the university, Limbo and much more other places really added to a fresh season and together with the political themes it was an epic fresh ending which didn’t fall flat. 

It was a great hilarious ride, but now it has come to an end. We wish them all a happy and peaceful life.


Rating: ★★★★☆

Fun factor: ★★★★★

Epic factor: ★★★★☆

Gore factor: ★★★☆☆

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

Z Nation is created by Karl Schaefer and Craig Engler. It stars Kellita Smith (Roberta Warren), Russell Hodgkinson (Doc), Keith Allan (Murphy), Nat Zang (10K), Anastasia Baranova (Addy), DJ Qualls (Citizen Z), Ramona Young (Kaya), Sydney Viengluang (Sun Mei), Natalie Jongjaroenlarp (Red), Gracie Gillam (Sarge), Katy M. O’Brian (George), Mario van Peebles (Cooper), Zack Ward (Dante), Lydia Hearts (Pandora) and Jack Plotnick (Roman Estes).

Music: Jason Gallagher. Cinematography: Alexander Yellen Frederico Verardi, Peter N. Green. Production companies: The Asylum, Go2 Digital Media. Original network: Syfy.

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