[TV Review] Stan Against Evil Season 2 (2017) ★★★★☆

Stan dreams about Evie in a coffin in Stan Against Evil season 2

Stan Against Evil faces more demons, witches and campy fun.

Stan Against Evil picks up where it left Evie in 1692 and Stan in the present. After having built a strong and super fun universe, it’s time to take out the real villain of the story. While the series’ universe expands, characters grow and evil is getting more vicious. If you thought the first season was over the top campy fun, then think again. This second season tops it all and delivers more hilarious and absurd fun, more creepy creatures and a lot of fun nods to the horror genre. So let’s fight some evil.

This second season consists of 8 episodes each with a duration of 21 minutes. It has a continuous bigger storyline and a demon/monster/witch-of-the-week structure that delivers great fun. 


After the time loop affair, Evie ended up in 1692 and was about to be burned at the stake by Thaddeus Eccles who proved to be the real villain behind all of this, life in the present goes on without her. But life isn’t the same. Stan misses something very important in his life, but he doesn’t know what it is.

But when he does, he gets back in time through the Eccles cabin that is in fact a time portal to go back in time to the date of death, if you use the eye balls of the deceased, and saves Evie. All is back to normal, including the evil witches and demons which they have to defeat. With the help from Leon, Kevin, Lara Bouchard from the Black Hat Society and Constance, Eccles’ daughter, they might stand a chance. And maybe Stan can save his wife Claire in the past. If only he could find Gerard DuQuette. 

Why you should watch it

This second season is as hilarious and absurd as the first one, if not funnier. Mainly because the main characters Stan and Evie and Denise are growing on each other. Stan doesn’t want to admit it, but he truly cares for Evie, so he does has a heart underneath that thick manly posture of his. 

The bigger story arc, the mythology behind it all grows and develops into something epic. It is Thaddeus Eccles they have to defeat to stop the curse. But before they can do that they have to deal with a demon witch that uses The Bachelor to make Evie and Denise turn against each other. They have to deal with a werepony, Stan’s evil doppelgänger (so he can be worse), a black widow and an evil baby and more creepy fun. 

The tone and vibe is very hilarious and absurd and results in campy fun. Stan’s colorful descriptions and observations are as rude and sarcastic as ever. Denise has some bizarre projects to work on and develops a strange love affair with Kevin. Leon is incompetent as usual and also Kenny, Evie’s ex shows up to annoy her. 

Stan shows more of himself and he’s not just a grumpy old man, but a good father and friend. Luckily he still is very lazy, sarcastic and egotistical and always at the ready to give a rude remark. But his storyline develops as he finds out he can go back in time to save his wife Claire from dying. This results in a heartbreaking final episode where Evie proves to be his best friend. 

Denise is on a roll, keeping a crows nest in the car, babysitting an evil baby, project waterbed and project pony. Now that she and Kevin are having a relationship if you can call it that, they both bring in some very dry absurd humor, that especially shows in their communication that is absolutely hilarious. 

But Evie gets hers as well this time, being under the spell of a demon wanting to be chosen by The Bachelor. Or when she’s tired of being hit on by men and decides to buy an antique wedding ring, that of course is cursed. 

There’s a lot going on this season. New original and over the top demons and witches, a bigger story arc expanding the Stan Against Evil universe, growing characters and more hilarious fun. 

My favorite part

Denise outdoes herself this time. Her adventures in babysitting turn into a horrifying experience with a super evil creepy baby. Now she gets the screen time she deserves and makes the most of it. Not to mention her weird relationship with Kevin the cemetery caretaker is too absurd. The way they talk to each other is so awkward and uncomfortable but they both don’t seem to notice. She really is an indispensable character that livens up the series. She is cause for a lot of laughs, but you wouldn’t dare to laugh at her, because she so likable and sweet but a badass too if she has to. While Stan and Evie are the strong foundation of the series, Denise is a colorful addition that brings in some very weird creativity. 


Rating: ★★★★☆

Fun factor: ★★★★★

Gore factor: ★★★☆☆

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

Stan Against Evil is created by Dana Gould. It stars John C. McGinley (Stan), Janet Varney (Evie), Deborah Baker Jr (Denise), Nate Mooney (Leon), Denise Boutte (Lara Buchard) and Dana Gould (Kevin).

Music by: Eban Schletter. Cinematography: Timothy A. Burton. Original network: IFC.

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