[Netflix Review] The Last Kids on Earth Book 2/Season 2 (2020) ★★★★☆

Dirk, Jack, June and Quint looking at the magical Beastiary in The Last Kids on Earth season 2

The Last Kids on Earth brings more of everything when a new adventurous mission expands the zombie-monster apocalypse universe. 

The Last Kids on Earth is a comical post-apocalyptic adventure full with zombies and monsters from another dimension. Only four kids and their pet monster can stand up against these creatures, when they are set on a new mission. But their biggest battle is yet to come, preventing a great evil being from another dimension entering our world.

This second season consists of 10 episodes with each a duration of 23 minutes. While the first season, Book 1, was just one big long one hour episode, this second season has a lot more to offer, completing a Beastiary, more monsters, a zombie mystery and cheering each other up. 


Now that Jack has “saved” June, together with his best friend Quint and former bully Dirk and pet monster Rover they start a new life together as a family in his Treehouse. But not all goes well as they argue a lot and boredom and hunger sets in and June gets a bit homesick hoping to find her parents again. While Jack thought this was the best opportunity to finally mean something and have a real family. 

When they encounter a newly arrived monster called Thrull who is actually a monster hunter, they meet a whole crowd of monster hunters, among which Skaelka a fierce monster huntress and Bardl a conjurer. Thrull gives them a magical Beastiary, they have to complete. They have to add the essence of each monster to the book that magically absorbs it to prevent an ancient creature called Rezzoch to come to our world. Rezzoch is an evil magical being with great power that has conjured up the vortexes through which all the monsters fell to earth and all the people turned into zombies. 

Now it’s up to Jack, June, Quint, Dirk and Rover to stop this from happening, so they start their new mission. Meanwhile all of the zombies go missing mysteriously after hearing a terrible shrieking. 

Why you should watch it

Instead of one hour long, we get treated to four hours of fun adventures of Jack and his friends, new creatures and monsters and drooling zombies. Due to the new mission we get to see a lot more different monsters, that are highly imaginative and dangerous. But not all monsters are evil or eat kids, the monster hunters have settled down in Joe’s Pizza and they all can talk and become their new friends. Especially Jack is drawn to Thrull who treats him like a hero because he defeated Blarg, a servant of Rezzoch. While Jack lets this go all to his head, he treats his fiends as his sidekicks. He thinks of Thrull as his new teacher to become a real monster hunter too and sometimes forgets to help his friends. 

June hangs out more with Skaelka, the only other monster woman, who is a badass. June doesn’t trust Bardl and wants to find out what or who causes this shrieking and why the zombies go missing.

Quint feels like the useless outsider. Sure, he invents stuff, but it doesn’t always work properly, while Jack is the hero, Dirk is the muscles and June comes up with a plan and is a kick ass girl. He especially feels left out when Jack chooses Thrull and his Beastiary over Quint and his own self-made Beastiary. 

Although they fight, argue and don’t get along sometimes, they realize they are friends and family and that they must work together to complete the book. But there’s a big twist at the end that comes as a devastating surprise for Jack. Things aren’t always what they seem. 

This second season has an exciting playful buildup and is fast paced, with lots of adventures, monsters and zombies, a new mission, a mystery with a big twist and a great crew of friends. The addition of the monster hunters stirs things up a bit and creates friction and fun. 

While they hunt for monsters they never kill them or hurt them badly. They let every zombie live its undead life and even care for a zombie and begin to understand a monster. Most monsters are just beasts, that feel hunger or pain and don’t deserve to be treated like the enemy. Unlike Blarg that was a servant of Rezzoch and an evil creature wanting do destroy them. 

The violence therefore is mostly harmless and all in good fun to stop Rezzoch. Nobody gets really hurt. The action is fast and fun and the interactions with each other is very lively. 

It’s great fun and with a new mission the storyline deepens the understanding of what is going on and the story arc is expanding. After the introduction of the first season, this second season dives right in, giving us more of everything, creating a bigger story that eventually can grow into something epic.

My favorite part

It’s a mild spoiler but I really liked the development of the Worm monster. It shows the real big heart of the series and that not every monster that appears bad is actually bad or evil. The addition of the monster hub is very fun. All these different kind of monster hunters and the cook-off between Dirk and the cook monster how to make a good pizza is very funny. Skaelka is a very nice addition too, especially for June, who was the only girl. 

The episodes where we get to know more about June and about Quint, makes it more interesting, and makes them more relatable and real characters. The ending is very rewarding. It’s a deserving epic battle for a great second season, and leaves you wanting for more.


Rating: ★★★★☆

Fun factor: ★★★★★

Thrill factor: ★★★☆☆

Entertaining factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

The Last Kids on Earth is based on the children’s book series with the same name written by Max Brallier. The book series consists of 5 books. The series is directed by William Lau. It stars Nick Wolfhard (Jack), Rosario Dawson, Charles Demers, Garland Whitt, Bruce Campbell, Montse Hernandez, Catherine O’Hara and Mark Hamill.

Music: Marcelo Trevino. Production companies: Atomic Cartoons, Netflix. Original network: Netflix.

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