[Netflix Review] The Last Kids on Earth Book 1/Season 1 (2019) ★★★★☆

Dirk, Quint, Jack and June are ready to fight monsters and zombies in The Last Kids on Earth season 1

The Last Kids on Earth is a fun post-apocalyptic kids adventure full of zombies and otherworldly monsters. 

The Last Kids on Earth is a fantasy post-apocalyptic comedy horror animation for kids. With a lot of monsters, hordes of zombies and a couple of brave opportunistic kids, this series is packed with fun action, some scary moments, humor and likable characters without major themes or a grave atmosphere. It’s all about the fun adventure and therefore a great watch. Not only for the kids but adults will love it too.

The series is rated Y-7 which means some scenes might not be suitable for kids under the age of 7. But the best things is, this series is a joy to watch together as a family. 

This first season consists of 1 long episode with a duration of 67 minutes. 


Jack Sullivan is an orphan and when he moves in with his new foster parents a zombie apocalypse breaks loose. Vortexes appear in the sky out of nowhere and out crawl the most horrible and huge beasts and monsters. And on top of all that, all adults turn into flesh-eating zombies. Jack and his best friend Quint flee to their own homes but promise to meet up at their treehouse later. 

Well, 42 days later and Jack is still all alone in the treehouse. Luckily he finally gets in contact with Quint, makes friends with former bully Dirk and Jack has found a new pet friend in monster Rover. But now they have to go on their biggest quest ever: find his secret love June del Toro and save her. 

Why you should watch it

It’s a classical animation style that works very well and emphasizes the humor and the great adventurous moments. In slow motion, some action and comical scenes are increased and the overall style makes this series stand out. The pace really picks up when Jack is reunited with Quint and from thereon the adventure breaks loose. 

Although the monsters and zombies can be scary, the series is very lighthearted and aims at the fun. A lot of times they are in real danger, but it always ends well, without making it too tame. The zombies are like the classic zombies you’d expect, but the monsters are very different from each other. Some are gigantic, some are smaller, some are very malicious and want to eat the kids, and some are benign and just want to play. 

The fun and original part is that Jack handles the apocalypse as a videogame. Each time a new mission has to be accomplished, and he even gets a self-imagined trophy for it, in his mind though. From obtaining 5 hats from zombies, to rescuing the damsel in distress, you name it, Jack has already come up with it. There are also brief descriptions of the monsters, and of Quint’s  inventions, which are short snappy intermezzos, increasing the fun take on the apocalypse.

Although the real fun part is that there isn’t a damsel, because June can fend for herself and is even better at rescuing the others and at surviving. So apart from three main characters being boys, the one girl is a real badass and even cooler than the three of them combined. This means that the series is mainly focused on boys, mostly seen through their perspective and a typical boy adventure series, while girls evenly can enjoy this type of adventure. This feminism is briefly addressed as is the loneliness of Jack who in fact always has been all by himself really.

That said, it’s a great kids series, that is very entertaining, short but sweet and just a fun adventure with zombies and monsters. 

My favorite part

All the action packed scenes are greatly animated in a fun and entertaining but original way. When bully Dirk joins Jack and Quint, their team is more diverse, consisting of the lone leader, the brains and the muscles. To complete this boy team, Rover turns up as a great pet that helps them and protects them, like an outgrown dog. The hilarious ride through town when Jack rides Rover is a real treat and so is the zombie-ball, the kids version of the one in Z Nation

But June finally completes the team with girlpower and she is a great fighter and surviver. I always have a weak spot for diverse teams who stand up against evil, but still have some friction but overcome their differences. It’s a good example for kids to work together because only with teamwork you can defeat the big monster, real of metaphorically. 


Rating: ★★★★☆

Fun factor: ★★★★★

Thrill factor: ★★★☆☆

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

The Last Kids on Earth is based on the children’s book series with the same name written by Max Brallier. The book series consists of 5 books. The series is directed by William Lau. It stars Nick Wolfhard (Jack), Rosario Dawson, Charles Demers, Garland Whitt, Bruce Campbell, Montse Hernandez, Catherine O’Hara and Mark Hamill.

Music: Marcelo Trevino. Production companies: Atomic Cartoons, Netflix. Original network: Netflix.

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