[TV Review] The Exorcist Season 2 (2017) ★★★★★

Father Tomas and Father Marcus in The Exorcist season 2

The Exorcist is a horrifying, heartbreaking and heartwarming horror drama. 

The second season of The Exorcist tells a different possession story about a different family. But the storyline about the two priests Father Marcus and Father Tomas and the overall big storyline that started in the first season continues.

The sinister plot by demons evolves, which is investigated by Father Bennett, while father Marcus and Father Tomas help a haunted family and continue their quest to restore their faith. This second season gets scarier, more thrilling, and very moving while the stakes are getting higher. By introducing a new character the ultimate battle against evil is about to begin.

This second season consists of 10 episodes each with a duration of 42 minutes. It has one big story arc about the haunted family, but a continuing bigger storyline about a sinister plot and about the personal stories of both priests.


Father Marcus and Father Tomas are hiding from the Vatican which is infiltrated by possessed priests. While Father Bennett is trying to get to the bottom of this, working from the inside, Marcus teaches Tomas how to perform exorcisms. 

When their help is needed by a big family run by father Andy, as there might be something very wrong with his foster kids, Marcus and Tomas have to face their biggest challenge yet. 

Why you should watch it

While this second season continues with the big storyline, a new storyline is introduced with a new family that’s is in the centre of it all. This series can be called a semi anthology series, for the focus is shared by the three priests involving the big continuous story arc and the troubled family, which is the focus of this particular season. Each get the attention they deserve, making it a very moving and emotionally charged season. 

This second season has an interesting structure with a fresh turn of events. It starts with a graphic exorcism. Then destiny leads Marcus and Tomas to a mother with a possessed child, Harper, that has a gruesome underlying storyline with a big twist. When Tomas has visions about another family it leads them to Andy, but the stories of both families intertwine in an unexpected way. Tomas’ story is also in an epic way connected to the sinister plot Bennett is chasing, creating an epic story arc. 

Father Andy with his five children is struggling after the suicide of his wife Nicole. His old friend Rose, now working for the child protection service, is to monitor if Andy still is suitable as a foster parent on his own. This is heartbreaking enough, because the children have a warm and protective home where they feel safe and they have come a long way to finally achieve this.

Verity was abused by nuns, Shelby was born to a drugaddict, Truck has a sleeping disorder, Caleb is blind and little Grace has agoraphobia. Their love for each other is tangible and makes it all the more devastating when Marcus and Tomas come to the conclusion that there is indeed a possession. 

This possession is just like in the fist season a heavy experience, gruesome, heartbreaking and violent. The buildup to the actual possession is sinister and bleak and has a surprising twist. 

And just like the first season it’s about love, hope and faith. All these themes are reflected in the family but also in Marcus and Tomas. Marcus is struggling with his faith, which results in some moving scenes. We get a closer look at his character and dive into his past where a new character appears called Mouse, a former novice, turned badass demon hunter. These flashbacks about Marcus’ history tell us more about his person, but also about demons. The bond between Marcus and Tomas is heartwarming to see and emits brotherly love. 

The storyline of the demons continues as well, and Bennett proves himself a demon-ass-kicking priest but a cunning one as well. He teams up with Mouse and they both are a great addition to the series. Their storylines involve the bigger story of what is going on, while Marcus and Tomas concern themselves on an intimate level with a small family. Both the big picture and what it also means for individual cases, are part of one big sinister plan, even connecting the Rance family. 

All the more regrettable that this fantastic series is cancelled. Not only does the last episode end with a huge cliffhanger, but it was building up to something great, which we shall never see. Marcus’ storyline was getting more gripping and Tomas’ story was going to lead him to something epic. 

This series with strong characterizations, a well-crafted storyline, heavy emotionally charged drama, great themes big and small, and excellent real horror deserved more than just two seasons. The acting, the cinematography and writing delivered a great series that was enthralling, moving and horrifying at the same time. 

My favorite part

I loved Andy’s family. Each kid came from a troubled life, but together they managed to grow and overcome their difficult past. They are all very different from each other but prove that these differences are their strengths to help each other. I found it very moving. 

It’s impressive to create a series that is as moving as it is terrifying and scary. This contrast worked really well making it a first-rate series. There’s even some romance that is endearing and sad at the same time. 

Mouse was also a great addition to the series, asides from all the guypower, now there’s some girlpower and her teamwork with Bennett was a delight to watch. She’s vulnerable, determined, strong, focussed and compassionate.

I would have loved to know more about Bennett, his story, but unfortunately we’ll never know.

Finally what I really liked, is that although this series has some gruesome scenes and heart-wrenching moments, the overall tone is positive and about any kind of love. Without being too sentimental. It’s almost an idealistic series, but there’s nothing wrong with that. 


Rating: ★★★★★

Epic factor: ★★★★☆

Drama factor: ★★★★★

Gruesome factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

The Exorcist is based on the novel of the same name by William Peter Blatty and the 1973 film by William Friedkin. The series is created by Jeremy Slater. It stars Ben Daniels (Father Marcus), Alfonso Herrera (Father Tomas), Kurt Egyiawan (Father Bennet), John Cho (Andy), Li Jun Li (Rose), Zuleikha Robinson (Mouse), Brianna Hildeband (Verity), Alex Barima (Shelby), Hunter Dillon (Caleb), Cyrus Arnold (Truck), Beatrice Kitsos (Harper) and Améli Eve (Grace).

Music: Daniel Hart. Cinematography: Alex Disenhof. Production companies: Morgan Creek Entertainment Group, New Neighborhood, 20th Century Fox Television. Original network: FX.

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