[TV Review] The Magicians Season 3 (2018) ★★★★★

Margo and Eliot in Fillory in The Magicians season 3

The Magicians is even more magical when magic is gone, leading to whole new epic levels. 

The third season of The Magicians is going to be more epic, more emotionally charged and more whimsical than ever. Although magic is gone, it’s a most magical season, where the characters can flourish, new friends are made, new enemies show up and the universe of the series becomes bigger with more magical creatures and higher stakes. 

It’s all about sacrifice, quests and fighting for your friends and what you believe in. A lot is going on this season. Lots of action, moving scenes and heartbreaking moments, original and inventive events. It has excitement, a lot of cheeky humor, unexpected twists and turns, that result in a highly creative season. 

This third season consists of 13 episodes each with a duration of 44 minutes. It’s a magical journey where the magicians once more have to prove their worth in Fillory, in the Neitherlands and here on Earth. 


After the fairies had restored the Wellspring to bring back magic, Ember decided to destroy Fillory because he was bored with it. So our heroes came up with a plan to kill Ember and Umber, succeeded but as a punishment the bigger gods cut off magic. Only Julia who was given back her shade and was also given Reynard’s gods powers by Our Lady Underground has a sparkle of magic left. 

Meanwhile Penny is dying from poisonous cancer. Eliot and Margo are trapped in Fillory while the fairies are about to attack and overthrow them. Alice is alive and human again thanks to Quentin en Mayakovsky, but hungers for knowledge and magic.

So it’s up to Quentin, Eliot, Margo, Julia, Kady, Penny, Alice and Josh to go on a quest to find 7 keys who open a backdoor to magic to bring it back.

But they also have to deal with the fairies, evil humans, a bankrupt Fillory, other kingdoms and new husbands and The Order of the Library. And Julia is slowly turning into a goddess. 

Why you should watch it

The third season is heavy emotionally charged for the quests are not only to find the 7 keys but also to find themselves. The characters are the keys to the story, while the 7 keys push the storyline forwards in a magical adventure. Each quest is very different from the others. Some are fun, some are very moving, some are chilling, but all highly imaginative. 

The quests are very well intertwined with the personal developments of the characters. They all go on quests, sometimes teaming up in surprisingly fun duos to make sure a wonderful and original quest is going to take place. 

But each have their own problems too. Penny is dying and Kady is desperately trying to save him, making it a heartbreaking love story. In Fillory Margo is dealing with the Fairy Queen. Alice is struggling being a human again, while a creature called a Lamprey is out to get her.

And Penny isn’t only dying, but signs a contract with the Library for employment for a billion years, in life and in death. Penny gets a lot of room this season, to evolve from a grumpy out of place individual to a person who really wants to belong and to have a purpose. His journey is very surprising and his character has a very unexpected twist. 

Newcomer Josh gets more involved in Fillory with the group and even in the quests. He is a very different character from the rest and unlike the others, the ordeals don’t seem to effect him very much. He is the party guy, but has some hidden traits as well.  He is a nice addition to the group making it more playful. 

New are the messenger bunnies through which they can communicate between Earth and Fillory and they are hilarious. Their deep voices are too bfunny. But the sentient royal ship, Muntjac has a prominent role as well. 

Again this series shows not all is black and white, clear and simple. Life is hard, unfair and everything comes at a price. The characters get a lot of opportunities to grow and they grab the opportunity with both hands. But what’s great about this series, is that growth can be very subjective. 

A lot of themes are woven into the storylines. Feminism, patriarchy, slavery, sacrifice, loyalty, commitment, learning how to rise above awful ordeals, and gain inner strength, growth, forgiveness and unity. This reflects on the 7 quests, the function of each key and the characters and their decisions and actions. It’s a very well-rounded season with an overall epic finale and little epic quests. 

My favorite part

The quests are really original and fun. The quest for the third key is very moving and a whole epic story on its own. It’s about perseverance, love, devotion, and the meaning of life. 

Of course Eliot and Margo are my favorite couple. And now they prove to be able to communicate on a higher level, to avoid the spying eye of the Fairy Queen. So they talk in pop culture references. Like Battlestar, and Harry Potter and Gossip Girl XOXO and many more hilarious lines that refer to fun pop culture metaphors and euphemisms. The series comes up with new fun jokes and comedic scenes, to keep it playful and fun.

The quest for the Unity key is also emotionally charged. It’s fun, strange and feels like an intermezzo, just like the quest for the third key. It’s a little story in the big storyline. The song they sing together ‘Under Pressure’ is perfectly chosen and is heartwarming, giving you goosebumps. But this key later on brings some heartache for Kady, when she finds out something very devastating. 

But episode 8 that is told through 6 short stories, is very imaginative as well. Especially Harriet’s character. We finally find out who she is. Her short story is totally without sound. Just subtitled, and shown, it’s very impressive, because she is deaf and we get to know her from her personal point of view. 


Rating: ★★★★★

Epic factor: ★★★★★

Drama factor: ★★★★☆

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

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Cast and crew

The Magicians is based on the book with the same name written by Lev Grossman. It is created by Sera Gamble (Supernatural) and John McNamara. It stars Jason Ralph (Quentin), Stella Maeve (Julia), Olivia Taylor Dudley (Alice), Hale Appleman (Eliot), Arjun Gupta (Penny), Summer Bishil (Margo), Jade Tailor (Kady), Trevor Einhorn (Josh), Britany Curran (Fen) and Rick Worthy (Dean Henry Fogg).

Music: Will Bates. Cinematography: Elie Smolkin, François Dagenais. Production companies: Groundswell Productions, NBC Universal Television, Universal Cable Productions. Original network: Syfy. 

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