[Netflix Review] Bloodride/Blodtur Season 1 (2020) ★★☆☆☆

segment Bad Writer in Bloodride season 1

Bloodride is an unimaginative ride with a predictable destination.

Bloodride or Blodtur is a new Norwegian Netflix Original series. It’s an anthology series that contains 6 different stories with a creepy bus as the wraparound, the common denominator of each little horror story. But the bus and its driver could have been easily left out as they both add nothing at all to the stories.

The bus and its driver don’t bring the passengers to their horrid destinations, literally, but it’s just there, driving them into nothingness. The bus isn’t really a wraparound as it actually doesn’t connect the passengers and the main characters of the stories in a tangible way, with a little storyline of its own. The driver doesn’t even tell the audience something about each passenger and the passengers are just lifeless people sitting in a bus. 

As for the six stories, they aren’t imaginative or original either. Most of them are very predictable, a bit tedious and not in any way creative. For those who actually are new to the horror genre, some stories can be entertaining, but to the real horror fans it brings nothing new. Some are even a cliche, outdated and certainly unnecessary to the genre. 

This first season consists of six episodes each with a duration of 27-32 minutes. Each story is a totally separate story, so you can choose which one you like to watch and which one you’d rather skip. It is created by Kjetil Indregard and Atle Knudsen.

This review contains very mild spoilers. 

The Ultimate Sacrifice ★☆☆☆☆

When Leon moves with his reluctant wife Molly and daughter Katja and dog Bolt to the countryside, it seems to Molly all a bit odd. The people seem to abnormally cuddle their pets and with a sinister reason. 

It’s a story with animal sacrifices that doesn’t end well for the animals. So if you don’t like animal cruelty, skip this one. The story itself is rather predictable, with no big twists, no originality or creativity. The whole sacrifice bit is a little too outdated, for my taste. 

Three Sick Brothers ★★☆☆☆

Erik who has spent the last three years in a psychic ward, is trying to get a new start, till he gets visited by his two brothers, Georg and Otto who take him to a cabin to party. Of course it takes a sinister turn. 

This story is about mental illness. Horror fans will see the little twist from miles away and the way Erik’s illness is portrayed isn’t disrespectful, but isn’t very original either. It doesn’t rise above its horror trope. I personally don’t like it when mental illness is used for entertainment value and show how dangerous or psycho people are who suffer from a mental illness. It’s an example of narrow mindedness and draws an incorrect and incomplete picture. 

Bad Writer ★★★☆☆

Rich girl Olivia goes to a writing seminar, and meets amateur writer Alex. When she comes home, she hears her roommates speaking ill of her and they even make up a plan to kill her. She attacks them, flees and stumbles into a very weird tale of her own. 

This is inception fun. It’s imaginative and has some twists and turns and is shot in a fun and enjoyable way. Nonetheless it remains a bit on the safe side, and could have been much more bold. Still this one is very entertaining. 

Lab Rats ★★☆☆☆

When the big cheese of a pharmaceutical company has a private party to celebrate a breakthrough, the prototype gets stolen. One of his guests must have stolen it and he goes through great lengths to find out who.

It’s a little psychological game that doesn’t play out to the max. Again it stays on the safe side, and doesn’t elevate the mental games. The story itself is a bit bland and while not bad, not very entertaining either. 

The Old School ★★★☆☆

When an old school is reopened after 40 years, new teacher Sanna discovers that the school is haunted. Some kids went missing 40 years ago and with the help of her lodging lady she want to help the children who cry out to her from beyond. 

A little ghost story with a little twist, that is pretty much predictable. Still it has some atmosphere the other stories lack and is very enjoyable. Not only the twist is fun but Sanna’s journey to find out the truth is entertaining as well. 

The Elephant in the Room ★☆☆☆☆

At an office party two new people hear about a gruesome accident that befell one of their colleagues last time a party was thrown. They go on investigating what exactly happened to this woman and why she fell off the roof. But the closer they get to the truth things aren’t always what they seem.

Another story about mental illness, in which a psycho turns the ending in a little slasher. The two sleuths are okay, and the focus on bullying can be important, but is reduced to an excuse to let psycho’s act “like the crazy people they are.” The story on the whole is rather pointless and bland and the reason why it’s about the guy dressed up as the elephant is beyond me. 

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