[Netflix Review] Lost in Space Season 1 (2018) ★★★★☆

Robot, Will, Penny and Judy in the caves in Lost in Space season 1

Lost in Space is an adventurous space opera with a lot of fun.

Lost in Space brings family drama, space opera, a load of adventure and humor together in outer space. Be prepared for a lot of plot devices, some illogical, some over the top, but always an opportunity for the Robinson family to prove their decisiveness and problem solving skills while working together as a heartwarming family. 

The series is a family show about love, family dynamics and all the dangers they encounter. And there are a lot of dangers. They are surrounded by them in an alien environment, that is sometimes as wonderful as it is dangerous. Don’t worry about the plot devices though, the creators are well aware of them (and so are the Robinsons) and use them for our amusements and it works wonderfully well. Lost in Space is a family space opera that brings in the fun and danger in outer space. 

This first season consists of 10 episodes with each a duration of 48-65 minutes. Every episode has different adventures while the storyline and the characters are developing. Kind of like a danger-of-the-week series, with an overarching storyline. 


The Robinson family is one of the families chosen and proven worthy of moving to outer space colony Alpha Centauri. Set into their space journey with the spaceship the Resolute it all seems to go well, till an alien attack forces the Robinsons to flee with their own smaller spaceship the Jupiter 2. They land on an alien planet and encounter dangers, life threatening situations, and they must work together to survive. 

But an alien spaceship is crashed on the same planet and Will, the youngest Robinson encounters the Robot. He saves the injured Robot, and in return the Robot saves Will from a forest fire and they form a special bond. 

While trying to find their way back to the Resolute, many dangers must be encountered, lives must be saved and problems solved, while helped by Don West and hindered by Dr. Smith.

Why you should watch it

Lost in Space is a very fun and lighthearted series, that focuses on the Robinson family. Although the plot devices are everywhere, they are made fun and soon prove to have real entertainment value, and even become gimmicks in their own way.

The dynamic family, each member given a specific role, gives the series a heart. Maureen is smart, a real rocket scientist and the head of the family. She has some issues with John, her estranged husband, an ex Navy SEAL who joined them to reunite their family. 

Judy, eighteen years old, is a very strong and conscientious young woman and in medical training. Penny the fifteen year old daughter is the sarcastic wannabe writer, and has a snappy comment for everyone in every situation. Will the eleven year old son is brought by Maureen on false pretenses and he feels he doesn’t deserve to be there, which is actually quite true. 

The fun is delivered by Don West a smuggler and bad boy with his heart in the right place. Which can not be said for Dr. Smith the identity stealing lying egotistical villain who brings a lot of subtle chaos, and criminal fun. 

The design of the Robot may be more spectacular in his evil state than in his friendly state, and sometimes you can not get past the ‘man in the suit’ visual, but his actions make you forget that very fast. His face is especially wonderful with the magical lights and he is surprisingly humanlike. His presence brings some mystery to the show.

The planet is a vast environment that hides the dangers and shows the beauty, and the design of the Jupiter becomes a real home in time.

These dynamics in combination with the bizarre adventures and pleasant design make this series a very addictive watch. It’s a fun ride into space. It’s exiting and thrilling and full of fun at the same time and when you think it can’t get any worse, guess again.

My favorite part

Every interaction between Will and his Robot is endearing and fun to watch. But the moment when Robot chases the beast away and throws his arms in the air out of joy, was particularly heartwarming.

The dangers are getting from bad to worse in a good way and it is hard to choose which danger I enjoyed most. But when Maureen and John are trapped in their Chariot and are sinking in a tar pit is a crucial moment in their relationship and with very out of the box thinking that defines Maureen and the series. 


Rating: ★★★★☆

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

Cast and crew

Lost in Space is based on the tv series from the sixties of the same name, which in turn is based on the book The Swiss Family Robinson written by John David in 1812. This new series is created by Matt Sazama, Burk Sharplees and Irwin Allen. Is stars Molly Parker (Maureen), Toby Stephens (John), Maxwell Jenkins (Will), Taylor Russell (Judy), Maine Sundwall (Penny), Ignacio Serricchio (Don) and Parker Posey (Dr. Smith).

Music: Christopher Lennertz. Cinematography: Sam McCurdy, Joel Ransom. Production companies: Legendary Television, Synthesis Entertainment, Applebox Pictures, Clickety-Clack Productions. Original network: Netflix.

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