Dark Season 2 Explained: Who, what, where, why and when

Jonas and Adam standing by a Higgs field in Dark season 2

The second season of the German series Dark answered some questions, but it still has a complicated storyline. Above this, some new situations and time periods give rise to even more questions. So let’s make some sense out of all this. 

There are four main families whom we follow through time in the little town called Winden. Three different time periods and a lot of time travel back and forth.

If you want to catch up with what happend to whom and when, you can read all about it here. 

In this article we dive into the second season.

Table of contents:

  • Jonas’s journey through time
  • Claudia’s journey through time
  • June 21-27 2020: 7 days till the Apocalypse

Jonas’s journey through time:

At the end of the first season Jonas ended up in the future, in 2052 while his older self, the Stranger closed the passage in the caves which allowed time travel. The cycle didn’t end though. In fact the explosion created the possibility of time travel through the passage by creating the wormhole.

In this future in 2052 a group of survivors is lead by Elisabeth Doppler (who used to be little Ellie). Jonas sneaks into the abandoned power plant and discovers a black mass, unstable Higgs particles, who together should be able to form a Higgs field when stabilized, allowing time travel.

Jonas travels through the Higgs field and ends up in 1921. There he encounters a young Noah and his sister Agnes (Tronte’s mother, and Ulrich’s grandmother, and Mikkel’s great grandmother, and Jonas’s great great grandmother). So Jonas is related to Noah, a great great uncle or something. 

Jonas also meets the mysterious Adam. An old and bitter man, who later on proves to be the old version of Jonas. He is the creator of all what is happening. He is the leader of Sic Mundus Creatus Est, a group who wants to bring forth the end of the world, to ring in a brand new one. In 1921 they created the Higgs field. 

While Noah belongs to this group two others, one called Magnus and the other a woman, probably Franziska, also support him. But both Magnus and Franziska are adults, from a future further than 2019. So how did they end up in 1921 as henchmen of Adam?

Adam manipulaties Jonas by saying he wants to break the cycle and Jonas is the one to do it. He has to go back/forth to June 21 2019 to the day Michael/Mikkel commits suicide. If he doesn’t, Mikkel won’t disappear, but Michael will and Jonas will never have exited at all. 

Jonas goes back to 2019 but can’t stop Michael. Michael tells Jonas that it was Jonas who led him trough the caves, to the passage and the door. That’s why he ended up in 1986. So instead of preventing things, maybe it has to happen again, and again. Jonas shows Michael his farewell letter, so he can write it again (the Bootstrap paradox).

Then 2019 Claudia shows up and tells Jonas that Adam is evil and that he must battle his older self. Only Jonas can put a stop to this. He has to change one small thing to break the cycle. The starting point is unclear but the endpoint is Adam. 2019 Claudia takes him to the caves and he travels to 1987 to Claudia’s younger self. Jonas then tells 1987 Claudia everything he knows. 

Jonas and 1987 Claudia travel to 2020. She goes to the bunker and he goes searching for Hannah and Martha. Martha already knows that she is his aunt. But then Adam also shows up. It’s the day of the Apocalypse and Adam wants to make sure that Jonas will become Adam. So he shoots Martha, causing Jonas great pain and anger, which will be the onset of his sinister plan. Adam has declared war to time and god, who in his view are one. 

But when the Apocalypse starts, a strange girl shows up. A girl who looks exactly  like Martha, but different. She has a strange little device, a time machine, and says she’s from a different parallel timeline and saves Jonas from the Apocalypse. A new event or did it always happen this way?

Claudia’s journey through time:

In 1987 Claudia discovers that Bernd Doppler probably has stumbled upon the Higgs particle. She is visited by her older self who tells her to stop Adam. After their conversation old 2019 Claudia travels to 1954 where she buries the time machine in her garden. So the time machine can be dug up by 1987 Claudia. 

She visits Tannhaus who tells her more about the Bootstrap paradox. It’s when an object from the future travels to the past so it can be created in the future and then in this future can travel to the past to be created. This object therefore has no beginning.

The Bootstrap paradox plays an important role in this season. It’s how the farewell letter written by Michael came to be, but also the time machine, and its blueprints. But it’s also how 2020 Jonas and 1987 Claudia got their information. This is how a cycle exists, with no beginning and no end. The 33 year cycle of Winden is no different. 

1987 Claudia travels to 2020 to know more about the past 30 years en finds out when Egon is going to die. She creates a self fulfilling prophecy when she tries to stop him from dying, but in doing so causing his death. After this ordeal 2019 Jonas shows up and takes her to the bunker in 2020, after she picked up 2020 Regina. There they wait for the Apocalypse to start. 

Old 2020 Claudia stays in 1954 and gives the missing pages of the notebook to Agnes, who in turn gives them to Noah. Noah discovers that Charlotte is his daughter. He kills old 2020 Claudia, whom he calls the White Witch.

June 21-27: 7 days till the Apocalypse:

Not only 2019 Jonas and 1987 Claudia learn everything about time travel in Winden, but others as well. Older Jonas/the Stranger visits Hannah in 2020 and he tells her everything. He takes her to 1987 to show her and she tells Katharina everything. 

Charlotte and Peter know everything as well. Noah looks up Charlotte and tells her he’s her father. But, wait a second, Elisabeth, Ellie, Charlotte’s daughter proves to be her mother as well! Elisabeth and Noah had a daughter they called Charlotte. But Charlotte doesn’t know this yet. But if Charlotte is conceived in the future how did she end up born and raised in the past?

Bartosz gets send into the caves by Noah, where he is found by Magnus, Franziska and Elisabeth and he shows them time travel. 

So now everyone from 2020 knows about time travel and what happened to Ulrich and Mikkel. 

Meanwhile in 1987 Ines drugs Mikkel to make him stay with her. Egon suspects that the death of an unknown old woman in 1954 (Old Claudia) and the suspected boys killer in 1953 (Ulrich) are connected. He visits Ulrich who has been imprisoned from 1953 till 1987 in an asylum, and finds out who he might be. But this conversation also helps Ulrich to understand Mikkel is in 1987 and that he finally got to him, the long way round. He escapes, takes Mikkel with him and tries to make it back to the caves, but the are caught. 

In the meantime in 2020 Hannah uses the time machine and travels to 1954 to see Ulrich as she pretends to be his wife. But when she discovers he only loves Katharina she leaves him there. 

After Noah has warned Charlotte to go to the bunker, he goes back to 1921 and tries to kill Adam. But he is shot by Agnes, his sister. 

In 2020, because of all the missing persons in Winden, a taskforce led by Inspector Clausen, is designated to take over the investigations. But he has other intentions. In 1987 his brother went missing, Aleksander Kohler, the fake identity of Aleksander, husband of Regina, so he wants to investigate him for murder. When they search the power plant and dig up some barrels, a Higgs field is created. A portal is opened and Charlotte sees 2052 Elisabeth. When they touch the Apocalypse starts. 

Now there are three portals opened by the Higgs field, one in 1921, one in 2052 and now in 2020. 

There are still many questions to be answered, but the big question is: Where did Jonas go? To which time period, or rather, to which dimension?

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