[Netflix Review] Dark Season 2 (2019) ★★★★☆

Jonas Kahnwald 33 years later after the apocalypse in 2052 in dark season 2

Dark gets darker as time unravels and paradoxes take control.

The second season of the German Netflix Original Dark weaves deeper into the complex threads of time. Questions are answered, new questions are raised, new characters make an appearance while old characters get a whole new dimension through time, there are more paradoxes and new mysteries when the plot thickens. There’s more focus on the science fiction elements, while the characters each play their roles in this complex web spun by someone sinister. 

This season consists of 8 episodes each with a duration of 53-60 minutes. It’s strongly recommend to watch this series with its original German audio and with subtitles in your own language if possible. 


Jonas ended up 33 years later in 2052 after the Apocalypse took place. He travels back in time to 1921, through a Higgs field to continu his journey for the truth, but stumbles on an incredible truth an a sinister plot, woven by the mysterious Adam. We follow him on his journey through time as well as Claudia who intents to stop Adam’s plans.

Why you should watch it

Well, after watching the first season, you’ll have to. You want some answers. And some are given, but more questions pop up. This season has a faster pace, a better story arc and there’s more focus on the science fiction mysteries.

If you love paradoxes, especially the Bootstrap paradox, then you’re in paradox heaven. But these paradoxes aren’t used to make it even more complex. It’s an essential part of the story, the plot and the lives of the characters. Everything is even more connected than you could imagine. It makes it more interesting, intriguing and enthralling. 

If you’re in need of some events, characters or paradoxes explained, you can read it here. 

Two new time periods are added, 1921 and 2052, and new characters. Each of the characters get more fleshed out, we learn their backgrounds even better, their motivations, but now they learn it about themselves as well and that means it’s time to act. While the mystery is unraveling, they are getting the means and knowledge to do something about it. That makes it more thrilling. Now it’s up to Jonas to put a stop to all this time travel madness and this time he gets help from Claudia, whose role is a major one in this season. 

My favorite part

I love how the story unravels and the way everything is connected and how they put in the time travel, and still know how to keep it balanced. It’s a great effort well executed. There are some huge twists and revelations, you’re going to be baffled. The characters, the plot, the time travel, the mystery surrounding Winden, it all comes together, each element brings in its own weight without overshadowing another element.

Everything interlocks and is a buildup to the third and last season where everything has to come together and when the cycle is hopefully finally broken. So the whole series is on big scene really, you can’t watch any scene without another, just like how Winden and its time periods and characters are elements of one big thing. That’s what makes this series great and addictive. 


Rating: ★★★★☆

Drama factor: ★★★★☆

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Cast and crew

Dark is created by Baron bo Odar and Jantje Friese. It stars Louis Hofmann (Jonas Kahnwald), Mark Waschke (Noah), Daan Lennard Liebrenz (Mikkel Nielsen), Karoline Eichhorn (Charlotte Doppler), Jördis Triebel (Katharina Nielsen), Maja Schöne (Hannah Kahnwald), Stephan Kampwirth (Peter Doppler), Oliver Masucci (Ulrich Nielsen), Andreas Pietschmann (The Stranger), Moritz Jahn (Magnus Nielsen), Peter Benedict (Aleksander Tiedemann), Deborah Kaufmann (Regina Tiedemann), Lisa Vicari (Martha Nielsen), Paul Lux (Bartosz Tiedemann) and Gina Stiebitz (Franziska Doppler).

Music: Ben Frost. Cinematography: Nikolaus Summerer. Production companies: Netflix, W&B Television. Original network: Netflix. 

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